May was fun

Well, the month of May has come and gone with the launch of The Animation Podcast. I have to send out a BIG thank you to Andreas Deja for being my first guest. He was the perfect choice for many reasons, but I think most of all for his unabashed enthusiasm for animation. What a start!

I’m working on getting the shows going for June, so stay tooned.

I also MUST thank all of you who came and listened and especially those of you who took part by commenting, emailing, voice-messaging, and voting at Podcast Alley – we made it to number 14! That just blows my mind. Again – what a start! (Sidenote – Podcast Alley resets every month. I don’t expect you to vote since I don’t have a new show for June yet, but keep it in mind for later if you’d like to recommend the show.)

Anyhow, I appreciate the support. I’m going to try to keep making compelling shows for all of us to enjoy, hopefully for years to come!

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7 Responses to “May was fun”

  1. keith says:

    Congrats on such a successful launch, Clay! I’m looking forward to more goodies. Yay!

  2. Kaveh Michael says:

    Number 14!!! That’s really cool, out of 3199 Total Podcasts!
    Next month we’ll make it to top ten :)

  3. Thanks Keith, I appreciate the traffic you’ve sent my way.

    Kaveh, I like this ‘We’ attitude. I feel like this is all of ours.


  4. Brilliant start to a brilliant idea.
    For years to come? I’m thinking Animation Vidcast… ;)

  5. Peggy Kaytis says:

    Your mom IS proud!!!

  6. Yes, that is my mom. I have to say that this show wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for a couple of overly generous gifts from my parents. The first was my iPod, which got me hooked on portable audio and all that entails. The second was my laptop which has enabled me to create my portable recording studio. So everyone who wants to thank someone for this show, thank my parents too!

  7. Kaveh Michael says:

    ..And the third being the genetic talent ;)

    Thanks Peggy!

    I would say your mom has a lota reasons to be proud of ya, I mean, she could just watch the “Emperor’s New groove” and read the credits and then rewind and read the credits again!