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Since you’re just standing around waiting…

Why don’t you take the listener survey? This isn’t some big marketing strategy. I’m just curious about who listens to the show. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes, unless you have to stop and think about who your favorite character is. Nothing personal either, just a handful of easy questions. I’d really appreciate it. […]

T.A.P. featured on

Well this is nice of them. I’m one of the featured podcasts on I wish I could tell you how much this means to me, but I just heard of PodcasterWorld. Only PodcasterWorld knows how long the adulation will last. Nonetheless, with about 17,000 podcasts out there, I’m honored to be plucked from the […]

A new way to leave your feedback

There’s a very nice addition to the feedback options that may be of use to some of you, especially the overseas listeners: It’s the pink balloon link in the sidebar that says ‘Send me a voice message.’ (I may will update that in the future with my own image.) If you’ve got a computer with […]

Show 013 – Vault – Milt Kahl, Side Two

Conclusion of a Milt Kahl lecture at CalArts from 1976, generously donated by John Musker. Milt answers questions from students, including Brad Bird. Side two of two. Get the MP3 here: Show 13: Vault – Milt Kahl, Side Two (16.3MB, 33:01 minutes) Or get the enhanced version playable only with Quicktime or iTunes Get the […]

A fun radio program

“Smarter Than The Average” is radio program that airs on Resonance 104.4fm in London. They broadcast on the internet, but I missed the original airing of the first show when it played a couple months ago. The good news is, the hosts Julian and Jonathan have reconstructed and posted the audio for all to enjoy. […]