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A slight adjustment

I love having a site that people enjoy, and I’m flattered when other sites see fit to link back to what I’m doing, but I have seen a couple examples out there of other sites blatantly re-publishing my every post, word for word, images included. I feel that using my work as a source of […]

Recent links to animation podcasts and interviews

The past few weeks have brought quite a bit of animation media to digest: PODCASTS/iTUNES Channel Frederator – Awesome show. Each video podcast episode has a handful of great little shorts to watch. We were snowed in over the holiday and my video iPod (thanks honey) kept me entertained with shorts like The Naive Man […]

Another map, by Wayfaring

Wayfaring is a new site that allows anyone to make custom maps and stick pins in them for whatever purpose they want. Of course, my first instinct was to make an animation map. I started it by putting on all the studios whose locations I was sure about. I know there are many more, so […]

Archive of American Television interviews on Google Video

I haven’t spent much time going through Google’s video search site, but I saw something interesting over there today. They’ve added a bunch of interviews from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation that feature television producers. Most relevant to animation are interviews with Joseph Barbera of Hanna Barbera and Phil Roman of Film […]

Music for your animating pleasure

I’ve had a lot of listeners say that they like to listen to The Animation Podcast while they animate. I think animating is hard enough as it is, so, personally, I can’t do it. Even listening to music takes some of the pep out of my animating muscles, so normally I work in silence. ¬°Qu?© […]

Where are you?

I know, I know. You want more shows. They will come, I promise. In the meantime, I just took a break and set up a Frappr map. You can go there and add yourself so we can all see who’s listening and from where. Be sure to use the Shoutout box to tell something about […]

Natwick on Iwerks

Jonzeing for some audio until the next podcast? The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog has a link to a snippet of an interview with Grim Natwick who talks about working with Ub Iwerks. Finally, I get to hear someone who worked with the man pronounce ‘Ub.’ You can also read a little more about the […]

Character designer interviews

The interwebs are bringing us all a little closer. Character Design is a great new blog by Randall, I think, that features interviews with . . . well, I’ll let you figure that part out. Go check it. Now. Tweet

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive

After working in animation for eleven years, I decided that it was time to participate a little more in the animation community. This site is an tangible, um audible, result of that decision (hope you like it). Something else I decided to do was to finally join ASIFA-Hollywood. So earlier this week I dropped off […]

Old Radio Fun posts historic Disney broadcasts

In between my podcasts, head on over to Old Radio Fun where their current project’s goal “is to bring all Disney related Historic Audio Broadcasts to the masses.” Definitely animation related, with old audio for The Song of the South, Snow White, and Pinnocchio. Original link from BoingBoing. Tweet

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