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iTunes 4.9 supports podcasts

I was so excited this morning when I upgraded my iTunes software to see the new podcasting feature of the iTunes Music Store, and saw that The Animation Podcast is listed! Now there’s a place where all my shows are available in one easy list. I haven’t downloaded anything yet, but it looks super easy [...]

May was fun

Well, the month of May has come and gone with the launch of The Animation Podcast. I have to send out a BIG thank you to Andreas Deja for being my first guest. He was the perfect choice for many reasons, but I think most of all for his unabashed enthusiasm for animation. What a [...]

I’m still here

Hey everybody, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, just been busy. I’m here to let you know that I’m working on Show 3, and doing more interviewing in the meantime, so look for the last Andreas Deja segment this week. If you want the shows faster, someone needs to pay me enough [...]

Show Notes are coming

I’ve added Show Notes to Show 1: Andreas Deja, Part One. It’s not too much, but there are some links to maps and external sites that provide some more info where applicable (and easy to find online ). I’ll see how it goes, timewise, to determine if I can continue this with each show. I’ll [...]

Joe Grant has passed away

Right now I am shattered. I just received an email stating that animation legend Joe Grant passed away today. I had talked to him last week about meeting for an interview. We said it would maybe happen this week. Things came up and we didn’t get together. I sent an email last night saying we [...]

Bang the drum! We’re in the top 50, 40, 30, 20!

Now, I’m new to this whole podcasting thing so I want to explore all the experiences it has to offer. That’s why I’ve been asking you, my gracious audience, to show your support and cast a vote for The Animation Podcast at Podcast Alley. Well, you’ve answered the call and about five minutes ago we [...]

About RSS – how to keep updated

I’ve had some questions from people wondering if there is some sort of email list for notifications of updates. There isn’t but there are other options. The simplest way to get updates is to take advantage of what is known as RSS. If you know about this already, good, then you’re excused. Otherwise, read on [...]

The equipment works great

My wife and I tested all the new tools on Sunday night and it worked great! I would post our conversation but it just barely touched on animation. She’s got a great voice. I’m sure I can get her to be part of the show sometime. Maybe she’ll interview me when I’ve run out of [...]

Got some more equipment yesterday

Just got some mics and other fun stuff delivered. I’ll be testing the new audio gear this weekend and as long as there’s no snags, I’ll be good to go! We still have to wait about a week probably, but I’m getting going as fast as I’m able. (I say ‘we’ because I really want [...]

Thanks for visiting.

I’m still getting everything in line, so to the people who keep checking back and those new visitors, I want to let you know that I won’t have any audio at least for another week. I may be testing the Feed with some sample audio, but I can’t promise that to be too exciting. Don’t [...]

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