Glen Keane, Part Two

Supervising animator of Ariel, The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan, John Silver and director of the upcoming film Rapunzel. In part two of the interview Glen talks about being trained under Ollie Johnston and some of the artistic struggles and realizations during his career.

Get the MP3 here: Show 15: Glen Keane, Part Two
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Or get the enhanced version playable only with Quicktime, iTunes, or iPods. (Includes pictures in addition to the audio.)
Get the AAC here: Show 15: Glen Keane, Part Two
Animation Podcast Show 15 AAC

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This is the first of the ‘Ask the Listeners’ posts, inspired by Ikumi’s comment in Show 15. She loves Manga and says that there’s much more inspiration out there than mainstream art.

So I’d like to pose this question to you, the listeners:
What is something that everyone should see, but probably haven’t?

It can be an artist, a comic book, a film, a short film – anything that you think is great that doesn’t get enough exposure. For example, I’d like to know that if I was to read only one Manga in my life, which one should it be? Or which European short film will knock my socks off? Or what is an awesome Anime film?

Let’s see what inspires you…
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Apr 15 2006

We’re back online

If you didn’t know, the site was offline for a day while I transfered to a new host. It was fairly painless. I think in the whole process I only lost one or maybe two of the most recent comments. Well I’m glad that’s all done! I also tried to reduce some of the visual clutter in the process.

I’m assuming you don’t care about all this and just want the next show. I’ve been working on the site all day and I’m all computed out. It’s Easter weekend. Go outside. Breathe fresh air! I’ll get to the next one this week.

See you guys later.

Apr 10 2006

Downtime coming up

I’m transfering my site to a new host in the next week or so. I can’t say exactly when because it’s out of my control. When that happens, the website will most likely not be available for about a day, and that’s if I get to it right away.

I’ve decided to hold off on releasing Glen Keane, Part Two until after the switch because I don’t want people to come looking for it and find absolutely nothing. It’ll only be a short while and when everything is squared away, I’ll put out Show 15.

I host the audio files on a totally different server, so all the previous shows will still be available. The best bet is to access them through iTunes or another podcast directory like Odeo, Yahoo! Podcasts, or Podcast Alley.

Thanks for your understanding and patience,

Apr 6 2006

A quick check-in

Hey everybody,
I’ve been collecting a couple things in my head so it’s time to dump them here. (My head only holds so much.)

Thanks to everyone who’s commented here on the site and via email. Generally, I’ll respond to the site comments first since the emails I get usually have more detailed questions, but I do try to answer all of them. So if you’ve sent me mail, I’ve got it, I just haven’t had a chance to respond yet.

Odeo Voicemail
Thanks for all the Odeo voice messages too! Like I said in the last show, the audio is so much better!

The survey is still active, so click it in the header, or here, if you haven’t taken it. I have a target number of participants and you’re already half way there. It’s giving me some great insight to who you guys are (and who you’d like to hear on upcoming shows).

Badges (or buttons)
If you’ve been wanting an image to use on your site to link back to me, want no more. I’ve got a variety of sizes to choose from, so step right up and get your badges here.

I’ve kind of dropped the push for votes at Podcast Alley, but listener Paul’s comment rightly points out that it does help to get more listeners. If you’re so inclined, you can vote from the link on the homepage (under Feedback), or through this link. Thanks Paul.