Jan 24 2006

A slight adjustment

I love having a site that people enjoy, and I’m flattered when other sites see fit to link back to what I’m doing, but I have seen a couple examples out there of other sites blatantly re-publishing my every post, word for word, images included. I feel that using my work as a source of content without my permission is downright despicable and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a “Contributor” to any site that takes without asking. Don’t worry if you’ve merely blogged about The Animation Podcast, I like you guys. The real offenders are quite aware of what efforts they make to misappropriate my work for their own profit.

So, like Jim at Seward Street, who is in the same boat and equally unflattered, I’ve made a slight change that I hope you will tolerate. If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you will see that each post will have a copyright message attached to the end. It not a big deal, but I like it when it shows up on those sites I’m talking about, just to let people know what they are reading when they happen to go there.

Also, this has caused me to reconsider how I link to good stuff you might like. Now I will point you to the place where I originally hear about something cool, instead of directly to the file. I’m not doing this to cause you more work, but to honor the work that others do on the web.

The past few weeks have brought quite a bit of animation media to digest:


Channel Frederator – Awesome show. Each video podcast episode has a handful of great little shorts to watch. We were snowed in over the holiday and my video iPod (thanks honey) kept me entertained with shorts like The Naive Man from Lolliland and The Bastard. (iTunes link)

Happy Tree Friends – Each brief episode features another way of killing off the cuddly stars of the show. Disgustingly amusing. (iTunes link)

Vintage Tooncast – Distributing a new public domain cartoon in each podcast. It’s nothing you couldn’t find on archive.org, but they do all the heavy lifting for you. (iTunes link)

CGCast – CG-centric interview podcast. (iTunes link)

The Wubbcast – “The free weekly video podcast for pre-schoolers.” If you’ve been following their blog like I have, now you can see them in action. (iTunes link)


John Kricfalusi interview – An animated version of a John K interview. I don’t know why it’s this way, but I like it! (via Cartoon Brew)

Mae Questel Interview – Brief audio interview with the voice of Olive Oyl. Hearing her voice brings me back to the Sunday mornings of my childhood. On the local station KTLA, Tom Hatten was the man!(via Cartoon Brew)

Walt’s People Volume 2Volume 1 was part of the inspiration to start my site (along with Seward Street’s Milt Kahl audio files). Great book containing interviews with people who worked with Walt Disney, edited by Didier Ghez.

John Lasseter Interview – Half hour audio regarding the MOMA Pixar 20th Anniversary retrospective. You can also check out the museum’s audio tour online. (via Cartoon Brew)

Dominic Sidoli interview – Visual effects producer for Double Negative on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (via FXGuide)


Of course I should have mentioned Christian Ziebarth’s transcript of his interview with Eric Goldberg. (via Animated-News)


The Spline Doctors speak! – Listen to their first podcast where they discuss preferences for animating with splines versus linear keys (or knots).

Eamonn Butler (on the left)

Interview with Eamonn Butler (he’s the one in the tux), Animation Supervisor on the films “Chicken Little” and “Reign of Fire.” Eamonn recalls his animation career from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” through “Chicken Little.” Part one of two.

Get the MP3 here: Show 10: Eamonn Butler, Part One
Animation Podcast Show 10 MP3

(17.5MB, 38:06 minutes)

Or get the enhanced version playable only in Quicktime or iTunes
Get the AAC here: Show 10: Eamonn Butler, Part One
Animation Podcast Show 10 AAC

(9.8MB, 38:06 minutes)

Continue for Show Notes…

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Three things real quick-like:
1. I’m still alive and I haven’t quit – because I can’t quit you!

2. I just got iLife ’06 and the new podcast features in GarageBand will make my life so much easier!

3. That means I won’t dread the tedium and time of packaging a podcast (the way I like, with chapters and pretty pictures), so this darn three-months-between-shows-wait will be a distant memory. YEEeeeHah!

Wayfaring is a new site that allows anyone to make custom maps and stick pins in them for whatever purpose they want. Of course, my first instinct was to make an animation map. I started it by putting on all the studios whose locations I was sure about. I know there are many more, so if you know where you work, add it to the map. Anyone can add to it, but I think you need to register. Even before I’ve finished writing this post, two people have added Mainframe Entertainment and (now it’s gone) Aardman Animation to the map. Woohoo!

If you add a location, try to remember to at least add a tag for ‘animation’ – and ‘studios’ if it applies.

Click here for the Animation Places of Interest map.

UDPATE: Now I can have it on my site. Here it is –