Ahoy mateys! Alas, thar be no new show today, and ye should be thanking yer lucky star, for this be “International Talk Like a Pirate Day!” Aaaarrrggh! I’d be daft to turn a blind ear to that siren’s song, and I’d be havin’ t’ talk in a sea dog voice. Today, I be too busy a shiverin me timbers and a swabbin’ the poopdecks. Return another day for me podcast booty, you land lubbers.

In between my podcasts, head on over to Old Radio Fun where their current project’s goal “is to bring all Disney related Historic Audio Broadcasts to the masses.” Definitely animation related, with old audio for The Song of the South, Snow White, and Pinnocchio.
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Ron Clements and John Musker

The Great Mouse Detective, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, Treasure Planet
Ever seen one of these movies? In part one of the interview, directors and writers Ron Clements and John Musker talk about getting in to Disney in the seventies, the first year of Cal Arts, and working under Frank Thomas and Cliff Nordberg.

This will be a brief detour from the Nik Ranieri series since today marks the first day that Ron and John no longer work at Disney. After 32 years for Ron and 28 years for John, there’s a big hole in the heart of the feature animation building. I’m posting for two groups: those who have never met Ron and John – enjoy; those who know Ron and John – I thought hearing their voices might make the halls seem a little less empty today.

The drawing portion of the above image (if you can see it) is an example of John Musker’s peerless caricature style.

Get it here: Show 7: Ron and John, Part One
Animation Podcast Show 7 MP3

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Nik Ranieri

In part three Nik Ranieri shares his experiences working on his first feature film for Disney, Roger Rabbitt.

Get it here: Show 6: Nik Ranieri, Part Three
Animation Podcast Show 6 MP3

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Aug 24 2005

Long time no hear

First I want to welcome any visitors who have recently found the site. And for those of you waiting patiently (as far as I can tell) for the next show, thanks for hanging in there.

All this time and no posts or shows and I’m just here to say life’s been busy. Funny how getting organized can take so much of your time. I’m working on making a more regular schedule for myself so I can do more shows and we can all be happier. I’m planning on putting out another show before the weekend so look for that. In the meantime, I’m not only recording new interviews, but I’m pinning down people for future interview dates. I’m also working on a few changes on the site so the shows are easier to find in one place. So things are moving along even if you, the end user, aren’t enjoying the effects yet.

On a side note, this may be my last week on Chicken Little. The movie’s wrapped up and we’re really just doing ancillary work at this point. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it’s received. Making it this far has left me a little travel-weary and focusing on the podcast has been hard. It’s been a long fun trip and my tank is almost on empty but it’ll be energizing to see the fresh landscape of American Dog. I can’t wait to get going on that and have more time for the podcast too!

UPDATE 8/27: Well guys and gals, I can guarantee that there won’t be a new show until September. I was working me ass off trying to pull it all together, but time wasn’t on my side. I’m taking a week off and like I said above, I plan to come back at it with some serious scheduling in hand. So I’m off to reset and refresh. I’ll see you in September. By the way, I won’t be able to moderate any new commenters, so don’t feel bad if you comment and it doesn’t show up. I’ll get it up there in a week.