In case your favorite charity is yourself, I’ve added a link in the sidebar for some of my animation recommendations at Amazon. At this point they only provide space for me to choose nine items, but trust me, they’re all worth owning. There are also links on that page to browse through suggestions (Amazon’s, not mine) for different animation related books, DVDs, music, and software. A fun thing they provide is Listmania where other Amazon customers make related lists of their favorite things. I considered that the page might be a big annoying Amazon ad (which I don’t want cluttering the site), but I’ve actually found it to be a nice way to browse for stuff I didn’t even know I wanted. Ooh, they’re crafty, those Amazonians.

Plus, if you purchase through that page, Amazon throws some change my way so we all feel good.

Something I’ve been meaning to post about is Walt’s People Volume 3 by Didier Ghez. Please support Didier in continuing this important series by purchasing a copy of any of these volumes. You can find it on the first page of the “Store.”

Also, don’t wait to visit Didier’s new blog Disney History.

Burny Mattinson, Part Two

Burny Mattinson has worked at Disney Animation for well over 50 years on such titles as Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, The Rescuers, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, The Great Mouse Detective, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan. In part two, Burny describes his transition from his short lived career as a full-fledged animator to a story artist and then to director. He also tells about the transition the studio made from Walt to the twilight of the careers of the Nine Old Men to the development of newer talent that has led the studio through the last 25 years.

Try the handy new built-in player (Thanks to Warren for the tip):

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Get the MP3 here: Show 17: Burny Mattinson, Part Two
Animation Podcast Show 17 MP3

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Or get the enhanced version playable only with Quicktime, iTunes, or iPods. (Includes pictures in addition to the audio.)
Get the AAC here: Show 17: Burny Mattinson, Part Two
Animation Podcast Show 17 AAC

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Here are your top picks for the Listener Survey question “What is your favorite animated film?” In all, 88 different titles were chosen as someone’s favorite film and 33 people couldn’t decide.

EDIT: WOW, what a huge oversight – I skipped Beauty and the Beast in the results. You’ll now find it at it’s rightful place, tied with Jungle Book for the number 3 spot. THANKS EMMA!

Here are the Top Ten:

10. Finding Nemo
9. 101 Dalmatians
9. The Lion King
9. The Little Mermaid
8. Spirited Away
7. Toy Story
6. Pinocchio
5. Monsters, Inc.
4. Aladdin
3. Beauty and the Beast (tied with “Undecided”)
3. The Jungle Book (tied with “Undecided”)
2. The Iron Giant
1. The Incredibles

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Jul 18 2006

My Comicon checklist

I’m sorry to report that I won’t have a new show for a short while. We’re in the middle of a production crunch at work and I’m trying to find where all the time went.

I am happy to report that I’m going to the San Diego Comicon this weekend. In no particular order, here’s a list of the people I don’t want to miss. I plan on picking up a bunch of sketchbooks this year. The animation presence at the Con has been growing every year and this list reflects that. It’s a lot of people I’ve known in animation, or people whose work I’ve enjoyed online. I’ve tried to list where all these people will be on the show floor, as well as their weblinks. Sorry for any misspelled names, I put this together between playblasts. If there’s anything else you think I should see, leave it in the comments.

Stuart Ng Books – 5113

Out of Picture – Peter de Seve and Blue Sky artists, Sat 12:30-2:30

Pierre Alary – Sat 4-6 sun 2-3:30

Ricardo Delgado sketchbook

E-ville press – 4802

Enrico Casarosa, Ronnie del Carmen, Scott Morse, Jeff Pidgeon, Jim Mahfood, Louis Gonzales

Flight comics – 1131

Rodolphe Guenoden

Stephen Silver – H6

Thinking Animation – Jamie Oliff – 720

1 on 1 Animation – Mike Polvani, Wayne Carlisi – 720

Rick Maki – 721

Ragnar – 722

John Nevarez – G3

Broadview Graphics – Robh Rupel – 5105

Ovi Nedelcu – at Image Comics booth – 2729

Chris Turnham – F3

Tim Biskup – 4937

Bruce Timm – 4901

Electric Tiki – Tracy Lee – at Sideshow collectibles booth 1929

ASIFA Hollywood – 5434

Conduct Happiness – Joe Moshier, Chris Sonnenberg – 5514

Academy of Art University – 4601

Alcatraz High – Bobby Rubio – 1943

Animation Magazine – 319

Atomic Monkey Inc. – 3948

Bakshi Productions, Inc. – 5003

Bill Plympton, The Animation Show – 5496

Billy West – 1332

College for Creative Studies – 519

Douglas R. TenNapel, Inc. – 1218

The Entertainment Art Academy – 1021

Gagne International – Michel Gagne – 2003

Gama-Go – 4838

Gary Ham/Dean Yeagle/Scott Tolleson – 1416

Happy Tree Friends – 3348

Louie del Carmen/ Octavio Rodriguez – H3

Sony Pictures Imageworks – 3935

Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Р1437

Toxictoons – Eric Pigors – 321

Van Eaton Gallery – 501

Westlund Productions, Inc. – Dream On Silly Dreamer – B8

Craig Elliott – 4912

Steve Gordon, Mitchell Bernal – 4609

And some talks I may duck in to see:

State of the animation industry – Sat 12-1, room 4

Quick draw – Sat 12:30-2 room 6CDEF

Bradbury, Harryhausen, Ackerman – Sat 1-2, room 20

Comics podcasting – Sun 11:30 -1 room 8

EDIT: Almost forgot to add:
Club Coconut – Chris Sanders – 2044

EDIT 2: And another one – thanks Cartoon Brew:
John Kricfalusi – at Every Picture Tells a Story – 4721, Sat 2-5