Acting: The First Six Lessons Richard Boleslavsky  
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Ken Duncan turned me on to this book. Hear about it in Show 27. It doesn't teach the steps of acting, but it does show you how to live an observant life - to see, absorb, study your surroundings and the people you see.

The Art of Acting Stella Adler  
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I've read a few books on acting and this one by FAR resonated with me the most. Animation is a unique form of acting and I'm surprised more animators haven't read Stella Adler. She doesn't buy into the notion of drudging up painful memories to connect with emotion. Instead she focuses on observation, study of the character, and IMAGINATION, which are three things we all must know how to do as animators. My highest recommendation.

Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film & Television Judith Weston  
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I've exchanged a few emails with Judith Weston about her classes. As soon as I get some time I'm going to take one. I have to be honest and say I haven't finished this book, but I'm working on it now and again. Her book is very clear about constructive ways to approach talking to actors. It is called Directing Actors for a reason. I would recommend it to anyone who does any supervisory roles in animation because it does make you think about how you communicate with performers and what they can use and what leaves them scratching their head.