The equipment works great

My wife and I tested all the new tools on Sunday night and it worked great! I would post our conversation but it just barely touched on animation. She’s got a great voice. I’m sure I can get her to be part of the show sometime. Maybe she’ll interview me when I’ve run out of people to talk to. Now there’s nothing holding back the show. Interview #1 should happen this week and I’ll probably try to post it the same night. If you’ve found this site through a podcast directory, please don’t dump my feed because all I had in it was the theme song. The content is almost here. Take care everybody.

2 Comments on “The equipment works great

  1. Wow, thanks a lot Craig! That means a great deal to me, coming from you. I listened to a few of your podcasts, just trying to learn what the h-e-double-hockeysticks I am doing.

    I already have a powerbook, so I’m using Garage Band to record. I just bring the tempo down to 40 and it records for well over an hour before it reaches it’s limit.

    You know it’s pretty funny because I tried to get adequate equipment AND spend as little as I could. In the end, everything else cost me around $170 (incl. shipping).

    I have to admit I reallt don’t know what I’m doing. All my choices are based on tons of reading and listening to other podcasters’ advice.

    All my equipment came from Musician’s Friend since they had pretty much all I wanted in one place.

    I bought a Behringer UB1202 Euroroack. I decided to get this one since it has 4 mic xlr inputs and I’m planning some roundtable discussions. I really don’t know if I could add more than two to the next model down, so I got this one. Let me know if you know how I could do it otherwise. The thing I don’t understand about the Behringer is that I don’t know how to increase the volume without the hum. Unfortunately the hum exists throughout the entire interview. Any pointers?

    I read some recommendations for those Luxo type mic arms that attach to tables, but I knew most of my interviews will be done on the road, at other people’s places, so those seemed unreliable. At first I thought I’d get those little table top mic stands, but people said those can be noisy if someone kicks the table. So I decided to buy those mic stands with the boom arms.

    Looking on Musician’s Friend at all the stands, the cheap ones were about $17. Then I saw this package on sale for $20 that included the stand, a mic, a 20 foot xlr cord, and a mic clip (On-Stage Stands Mic Pro Pak). I figured I’d get that and even if it was all junk, at least I’d still get the stand for 20 bucks. I’m sure it’s all the lowest of the low end, but that’s what I’m using.

    For each mic I also bought one of those $1 foam wind thingys to make them look more official. Ha ha.

    Again, thanks for the kind words.