Updated Aug. 27 2008

Leave a voice message to be played on the show!

I’ve created a Skype account. I’m not that familiar with Skype, but I think you can leave me a message with it. My Skype user name is Animationpodcast.

If you’d like to leave a message by phone, you can call my all new voicemail line:

(916) 273-8669 or (916) AP-FUNNY


Hey there! I’m happy to get emails from anyone, but before you do that, consider posting your questions as a comment on one of the posts. Two things will happen: I’ll definitely answer you faster and other people may learn from my response (and maybe add a response of their own). The choice is up to you but now you know which I prefer.

If you want to send me a request for a guest, check out this post.