Requested Guests

As I mention in Show 19, here’s the list of requested guests from listeners. It’s not complete yet, but as I dig back through old emails and the survey from last year, I’ll update it. Feel free to add to it in the comments and I’ll drop those names in to the list.


Roger Allers
Tony Anselmo
Xavier Atencio
Frederic Bach
Hans Bacher
Carlos Baena
Dale Baer – DONE!
Ralph Bakshi
James Baxter – DONE!
Bobby “Boom” Beck
Nancy Beiman
Mike Belzer
Bill Berg
Brad Bird
Ash Brannon
Don Bluth
Bruno Bozzetto
David Brewster
Chris Buck
Tim Burton
Hendel Butoy
John Canemaker
Brenda Chapman
Sylvain Chomet
Sandro Cleuzo
Anthony DeRosa
Pete Docter
Mark Dindal
Ken Duncan – DONE!
Will Finn
Tony Fucile
Terry Gilliam
Francis Glebas
Eric Goldberg – DONE!
Ed Gombert
Steven E. Gordon
Lenny Graves
Matt Groening
Don Hahn
Mark Henn
Jim Henson Muppetteers
Don Hertzfeldt
Stephen Hillenburg
Renee Holt
Jim Hull
Harley Jessup
Shawn Keller
Shawn Kelly
John Kricfalusi
Bill Kroyer
Vera Lanpher
John Lasseter
Caroline Leaf
Craig McCracken
Seth McFarlane
Duncan Marjoribanks
Bill Melendez
Uli Meyer
Rob Minkoff
Hayao Miyazaki
Scott Morse
Joe Moshier
Teddy Newton
Floyd Norman
Sergio Pablos
Nick Park
Bret Parker
Shannon Penner
Bill Plymton
John Pomeroy
Karen Prell
Ruben Procopio
Dave Pruiksma
Brothers Quay
Arthur Rankin Jr.
Lou Romano
Darrel Rooney
Carlos Saldanha
Chris Sanders
Bruce Smith
Pat Smith
Pete Sohn
Michael Sporn
Jan Svankmajer
Doug Sweetland
Genndy Tartakovsky
Bruce Timm
Gary Trousdale
Daryl Van Citters
Will Vinton
Frans Vischer
Dan Wagner
Steve Wahl
Chris Wedge
Richard Williams
Wallace Williamson
Kirk Wise
Ellen Woodbury
Nate Wragg
Kathy Zielinski

89 Comments on “Requested Guests

  1. hey,

    As already said. —Chris Sanders— would be great!

    and another one: —Thom Enriquez—

    anything Ive seen by this guy is so exquisit! really good (storyboard-) Artist!


  2. He’s not an animator but has worked on animated features for years as a character designer: Harald Siepermann.

  3. Hey Clay,

    Stephen Silver would be great, too! He´s an awesome Character Designer!

    Thanks for the great, great podcast!

  4. CLAY!
    (thanks for the show). Of course, there are a tons of names up there, but here’s another one for good measure:

    Shane Prigmore.

    I’m sure you know this, but he animated on the Iron Giant and others and has done character design for some animated movies as well, like curious george. I work as a character designer currently and think he would be a great person to interview. But pretty much anyone on the list would be awesome.

    -ps. i second a vote ducan marjoribanks and bruce timm

  5. What about Walt Peregoy? He’s a legend! He worked on “Sleeping Beauty”, “101 Dalmatians”, “Sword in the Stone”, others. I saw him speak on the 101 Dalmatians DVD.

  6. Why don’t you interview Mark Walton, story guy and the guy who voiced your character, Rhino.

  7. I’d like to hear an interview with Jason Ryan. I’m currently going through his online training, and I know he used to work for Disney. Eamonn Butler also mentioned him a couple of times in in his interview, and I know Jason has an extensive background in 2D as well as 3D, it be interesting to hear his take on animation and the industry.

  8. I am also going though Jason Ryan’s course work… and he is amazing! Would love to see him on here especially with the work he has done and the workflow he uses, plus he is a great guy! Vote Jason Ryan!!

  9. Ed Hooks would be a great guest, hes an acting coach thats worked with lots of big studios. hes a great guy, always inspirational to listen to.

  10. I’d love for you to go up and visit the NFB { National Film Board of Canada } and talk with several of the directors.

    Hope all is good with you and Monica.

  11. Hi, Clay. I have a guest suggestion for you.

    I think it would be interesting to have an interview with Lisa Keene. Her name is one that always pops up for some reason whether I’m watching or reading about Disney films. I’ve seen her name on Lion King and Enchanted, and when I researched her name, I see she’s worked on several of the modern Disney films, and is currently working on the upcoming Rapunzel (Is that correct?)

    I was also interested in her because she works primarily in the design aspect of animation: character design, backgrounds, and art direction, which is a part of animation I love to hear about. Disney has a great tradition of wonderful background and design artists, such as Mary Blair, Eyvind Earle, and Tyrus Wong, and it would be nice to hear from someone currently working with the company.

    And not that this matters, but she is a female artist. I notice several of your other listeners have asked you about having a female guest. I think Lisa Keene would be a good start. 🙂

  12. Hi Clay,

    Thanks for the awesome podcast! This is a wonderful resource. Here are several others that might be good interviews:

    – Victor Navone
    – John Kahrs
    – Leslie Iwerks
    – Chris Williams
    – Nathan Greno
    – Byron Howard
    – Dean Wellins
    – Dave Vallone

  13. Hey Clay,

    I would love if you could talk with Bob Jaques who was a TV animator on Ren and Stimpy when it first started.

    Also, Nancy Beiman is an instructor at Sheridan now and I am sure she has lots to say on the podcast!

    Thanks for all of the hard work.

  14. you should interview joe haidar,
    hes my cousin and came up with the idea for hercules

  15. Dave Smith – The Chief Disney Archivist! I love learning about the early days and the work, who could know better!

    I saw you have John Canemaker which would be great, but also how about Leonard Maltin? I just love the history of animation!

  16. Ill second Sergio Pablos!
    and I would say NOT Maltin or archivists, theorists and people who are too far removed from the actual animation. I mean I wouldnt mind, but I realise that Clay has limited time and I would prefer to focus on the actual artists and people that we basically cant hear anywhere else.
    ps. and I hope youre just taking a well-deserved holiday and will do more podcasts in the future! because youre really great at it. =D thanks for everything!

  17. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  18. I am not very good with names. So I can’t really think of many. But Andrew Stanton I think really deserves to be on the list at least.

    Thanks for the Podcast. I said this before, but I am not a animator nor am I really looking into becoming one. But, I am VERY interested in story and Character development. Many of the people you have interviewed know what they are saying when it comes to those two things. How GREAT is it that we are able to learn from the best of the best?

  19. Aurian Redson!! Hehehe!! It’d be cool to get more storyboard artists on the podcast! Or Jeremy Birn, I love his lighting website, and I’d love to hear an interview!!

  20. Hi Clay,

    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to interview some 2D effects animators. They are very good at what they do, but they don’t get the attention they deserve. One person I know of who is particularly good is Troy A. Gustafson, who was an effects animator/supervisor for movies like Pocahontas, The Lion King, Mulan, and Brother Bear. Perhaps he would be a good candidate?

    Thank you so much for all you do for us animators!
    St. Simons Island, GA

  21. One thing I’ve noticed about the interviews you’ve done so far is that all the people you’ve interviewed live in the United States. There are plenty of legends who live in different countries, so you shouldn’t really limit yourself to who’s in the US. I’m not saying that you should go around the world, but when you have the chance, tour a country and interview some animators that live there. For example, you could fly to England and interview animators such as Nick Park and Richard Williams. Just a suggestion.

  22. Hey Clay!

    I CAN’T believe Roy Disney isn’t up there on the list!

    Tim Burton would be difficult to get on the show, but YES YES YES!

    I second that idea for somebody sitting you down and getting an interview from you. You say you’ve worked no where but Disney animation and suggest you don’t have a whole lot to discuss about your past… but everybody has a tonne of info to give once the wheels start turning. You’re rather young, so perhaps focus on what you’ve learned from your beginning years up until now…. for all us students.

    Infamous for his cold and blunt opinions of television, feature films and there questionable story creation process… JOHN K’s voice made loud and clear could benefit everyone in the animation world.

    Provided he doesn’t flood an interview with propaganda, Jeffrey Katzenberg could be interesting.

    Lastly, some members of the Disney family, if possible…. for a more intimate touch and some insight on Walt himself.

  23. Hello Clay,

    Firstly, thanks for the interviews. I’m a student who’s getting bogged down in study and listening to your podcast helps keep my mind on the bigger picture.

    I was just lucky enough to have a workshop with Ed Hooks the other week and thought he would make and excellent interview. What i managed to grasp from the time with him completey changed my approach to animation and subsequently, how I’m now shaping my eduaction to incorporate the Why’s as well as the How’s.

    I think it would be an invaluable addition, especially to other students and those at the start of their careers.

    Anyway, rant over…

    Again thanks for your time and energy – we all owe you a lot.

  24. As someone else mentioned, it’d be great to have an interview with yourself.

  25. I can’t belive that you created all the job to share this! Awesome. With no Bloggers like you, we would by no means get so great information’s!

  26. there’s one person that’s not on your list that i would like you to interview . jeff gabor , he’s a awesome animator from blue sky.

  27. Go for Jason Ryan, no doubt!! Hes would be awesome having him here!! And lila ornara said, he os a really great guy! Cheers from Argentina!!

  28. An interview by you with Ralph Eggleston, director and production designer at Pixar would be great! Keep up the great work.

  29. Maybe you could have an interview with Mel Shaw. The great story man-concept artist on “Bambi”, “Rescuers, “Beauty and the Beast” and the project I wished that could’ve been made called “Musicana”. It would’ve been a modern version of “Fantasia”. I bet he has a lot of stories about his work and of “Musicana”. If you want to know about “Musicana”, buy the “Fantasia/Fantasia 2000” DVD or Bluray disc. It’ll be beautiful, believe me.

  30. I also vote for Jason Ryan. He’s built quite a reputation among AM students and I’d love to hear you interview him.

    Great stuff you have here Clay, I hope you’ll have enough time to keep up with it.

  31. It would be greatly appreciated if there was an interview with French Illustrator/Animator, Sylvain Marc. His work from Gobelins and his personal artwork have all been a big inspiration for me as an aspiring artist.

    His blogsite is

  32. Hey Clay!

    I see that Don Hahn is on the list which is a definite yes (anyone associated with Beauty and the beast is brilliant in my opinion)

    Some of the character/story/animation guys from Naughty Dog would be good. Not just to hear about animation from a different perspective but also because the work they did with the first two Uncharted games (and hopefully again on the 3rd game) is unbelievably good and to get a more in depth interview would be awesome!

  33. If I were to pick anyone it would be Duncan Marjoribanks but I know he’s very shy. I could see Mark Henn, Randy Haycock, Mike Surrey, and Ruben Aquino being great.

  34. It looks most of my animation heroes are already listed here. Though, after a year and a half on hiatus, I think the majority of your listeners would be happy for an interview with just about anybody.

    Here’s hoping your schedule becomes a little less pinched and allows a little more time to spare. In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to tide ourselves over with some of the *other* animation-related podcasts: