Requested Guests

As I mention in Show 19, here’s the list of requested guests from listeners. It’s not complete yet, but as I dig back through old emails and the survey from last year, I’ll update it. Feel free to add to it in the comments and I’ll drop those names in to the list.


Roger Allers
Tony Anselmo
Xavier Atencio
Frederic Bach
Hans Bacher
Carlos Baena
Dale Baer – DONE!
Ralph Bakshi
James Baxter – DONE!
Bobby “Boom” Beck
Nancy Beiman
Mike Belzer
Bill Berg
Brad Bird
Ash Brannon
Don Bluth
Bruno Bozzetto
David Brewster
Chris Buck
Tim Burton
Hendel Butoy
John Canemaker
Brenda Chapman
Sylvain Chomet
Sandro Cleuzo
Anthony DeRosa
Pete Docter
Mark Dindal
Ken Duncan – DONE!
Will Finn
Tony Fucile
Terry Gilliam
Francis Glebas
Eric Goldberg – DONE!
Ed Gombert
Steven E. Gordon
Lenny Graves
Matt Groening
Don Hahn
Mark Henn
Jim Henson Muppetteers
Don Hertzfeldt
Stephen Hillenburg
Renee Holt
Jim Hull
Harley Jessup
Shawn Keller
Shawn Kelly
John Kricfalusi
Bill Kroyer
Vera Lanpher
John Lasseter
Caroline Leaf
Craig McCracken
Seth McFarlane
Duncan Marjoribanks
Bill Melendez
Uli Meyer
Rob Minkoff
Hayao Miyazaki
Scott Morse
Joe Moshier
Teddy Newton
Floyd Norman
Sergio Pablos
Nick Park
Bret Parker
Shannon Penner
Bill Plymton
John Pomeroy
Karen Prell
Ruben Procopio
Dave Pruiksma
Brothers Quay
Arthur Rankin Jr.
Lou Romano
Darrel Rooney
Carlos Saldanha
Chris Sanders
Bruce Smith
Pat Smith
Pete Sohn
Michael Sporn
Jan Svankmajer
Doug Sweetland
Genndy Tartakovsky
Bruce Timm
Gary Trousdale
Daryl Van Citters
Will Vinton
Frans Vischer
Dan Wagner
Steve Wahl
Chris Wedge
Richard Williams
Wallace Williamson
Kirk Wise
Ellen Woodbury
Nate Wragg
Kathy Zielinski

89 Comments on “Requested Guests

  1. Chris Sanders
    Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale
    Don Bluth

    These are my top choices.
    Keep up the good work!
    (and hurry up with a johnston interview 🙂 he isn’t getting any younger…)

  2. Hi Clay,

    Don’t forget our pal, Joe Moshier. It would make a great interview.

  3. While this is an undeniably cool lineup of possibilities… I wish there were more women in there. What about Kathy Zielinski (whom I mentioned quite some time back).

  4. Floyd Norman, Floyd Norman, Floyd Norman. One of the few guys around who’s worked in both of animation’s “golden ages”. Interview him NOW! :0)

  5. Everyone on that list is tops for me. Especially Ollie Johnston and Don Bluth.

    I see Genndy Tartakovsky—-nice pick for TV animation, but how about Bruce Timm??

    He signficantly helped bring WB animation for the DC Comics characters into the modern age.

  6. Avri – Thanks for the sugs. Ollie has moved to Oregon and even if he still lived here, I’m not sure he’d be able to sit for an interview. Luckily, he’s one person who’s life and career has been well documented for us.

    Sandro – Great one. 🙂 I’ll add you to the list as well. I know Joe would want that.

    Amanda – You are so right. I haven’t avoided women in animation by any means, but I am actively trying to have at least one woman within the first 30 shows.

    Paul – I’ve talked to Floyd off and on. We will do the interview when we get the chance.

    Kl- Bruce Timm?? It’s funny how some names just stop me in my tracks because of their greatness. All the better reason to try to get him, right?

  7. Anthony de Rosa – He was a pleasure to work with on Curious George, unfortunately I was unable to speak with him on his animation experience. I’m sure that would be a fun interview along with…

    David Brewster, Shannon Penner, John Pomeroy, Wallace Williamson, Steve Wahl, Frans Vischer, and Darrel Rooney

  8. How about Steven E Gordon? He’s most known for X-men Evolution the series (and stripperella, I think). I’ve always been curious about how animated television shows get developed.

  9. Hi Clay

    Thank you so much for all your continuing efforts. They are more appreciated then you could ever know!

    I was wondering if I could add “Hans Bacher’s” name to the list. It sounds like he has experienced so much in his life.

    Thanks again ^^

  10. Chris Sanders!


    what about some of those hardworking korean animators off of the simpsons movie… lol…

  11. Hey Clay,

    I think it might be cool to interview:

    Bobby “Boom” Beck
    Carlos Baena
    Shawn Kelly

    The guys! They are really changing the world for the next generation of animators! Myself included!

    Thanks again!!!

  12. Xavier Atencio! He did great work on “Winnie the Pooh”, “Babes in Toyland”, “Mary Poppins” and “Fantasia” (an assistant animator) Wow!

    And you can’t have Don Bluth without Gary Goldman, eh?

  13. What about Tony Anselmo ? An animator and voice of Donald Duck. Now that’s a story i’d like to hear about.

  14. Four more requests that people would want to hear

    -Matt Groening (“Simpsons” fame)
    -Stephen Hillenburg (Spongebob Squarepants” fame)
    -Dale Baer (animator of “Yzma” and “Alameda Slim”)
    -Bill Kroyer (“Fern Gully” fame)

    Sorry for giving you so many requests, but I hope you know about these guys.

  15. ok, i know that they aren’t strictly ‘animators’, but what about some of the puppeters over at jim henson? i think that they are often left uncategorised… they are actors, voice actors and animators. I think that it would be interesting in the sense that they are able to convey so much feeling, emotion and body language, in characters, so simple such as Kermit the Frog – beady eyes and stick arms. Just throwing that suggestion out there… also their way of lip syncing (as referenced in ‘The Animators Survival Kit (williams)) is interesting too.

  16. I also wanted to mention to definitely ask Frans V. about what it was like to learn from Chuck Jones! I know, I’m jealous too.

    While working on Curious George, Frans noticed that I had purchased a poster of Chuck Jones and he pointed to that poster saying “He was alot of fun to work with” and … well.. my chaw topped to the ground.

  17. Just a quick note to those who may have requested Brad Bird. There is another Podcast that did an interview with him in January 2007. It isn’t as high quality as this Podcast but still a good interview.

    You’ll find their newly posted versions of their podcasts at

    Go down the page to the post “Re-Doctored Spline Casts” and you will find Brad Bird in the list. Or, if you have Itunes, just search for “spline cast”.

    Aslo, Pixar is great in how many extra features they put on their DVDs. For those who want to learn more about John Lasseter and other Pixar people, getting the “special edition” DVDs is a great way to find out more. I have done this and learned a huge amount.

    Till later,


  18. Clay, I have a wonderful suggestion.

    I watched “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and I looked up on line who did the show. I was wondering if you could do Arthur Rankin Jr., who also did “Frosty”, “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”, “The Little Drummer Boy” and many others and you and I grew up watching them. Maybe this year, or next year, think of the interview as a “holiday interview”.

  19. Hey Clay! Great Podcast!

    Ralph Bakshi would also be a very interesting guy to interview… if you dare… 😉 after all i heard from the Dale Baer Podcast, he is not a very even tempered man.

    Thanks again and keep it up!

  20. Sylvain Chomet! Triplettes de Belleville rocked just real hard. Plus, he speaks English! Bonus! Exclamation point!

  21. Oh there’s one more….
    Bruce W. Smith?

    Familiar with him?
    Supervising Animator for Kerchak in Tarzan, Pacha in Emperor’s New Groove….now working on The Princess and the Frog.

    I heard he was at Baer Animation during Roger Rabbit.

    Forgive me for saying but he might add a little *ahem*, “diversity” to our already great list above, as well as little perspective on how the mosaic of animator’s faces have changed since the old Disney days.

  22. KI, beautiful idea! You know, Clay worked with Bruce on “The Emperor’s New Groove”.

  23. It would be great to hear from some clean-up artists, who never receive the attention they Vera Lanpher, Bill Berg or Renee Holt to name a few.

  24. I will add Michael Belzer to the list.

    He worked as a stop motion animator on “The Nightmare Before Christmas” among other productions and more recently was a supervising animator on “Meet the Robinsons”. I’m curious what he would have to say about jumping from traditional 3D to CG.

    To support emma’s suggestion about Muppet performers, perhaps Karen Prell would be willing to participate. Not only has she worked on a long list of Muppet productions (Red Fraggle) but also has animated for Pixar, DNA, and Tippett Studios.

  25. Hey Clay…!

    We are all sure of how busy you are, so I feel a bit guilty continually throwing requests and wishes your way—

    But one name came to me today that made me realize how few of the precious “old timers” we have left.

    Are you familiar with BILL MELENDEZ?? He was the supervising animator and director of all the Peanuts (Charlie Brown, Snoopy) animated specials and series back in the day. (far as I know, no one has done a full Peanuts animated project since him)

    He’s not one of the “9 Old Men” but he did work on Bambi, Fantasia, and Dumbo—-I am sure he’s got a TON of stories about working at Disney and in animation in general back in the day.

    American Masters did a sort of “definitive” documentary on Charles Schulz last year and Bill Melendez was interviewed in it….so I know he’s still “up and about” even though he’s only a couple years younger than Ollie Johnston…

    anyway, I think Bill is a bit unique and would make a fantastic person to interview. Something to think about!

    Thanks a lot Clay!


  26. How about Dave Pruiksma? Just my two cents, cause I am totally satisfied with ALL of the people you’ve had so far =) I’m just throwin it out there =P

  27. I think Dan Wagner from Dreamworks would also be an interesting animator for this awesome podcast.We worked together way back in the early 90’s on a christmas special straight to DVD show .His animations
    really stand out all the time from the rest simply because its got this feature quality to it .I was thrilled to know that Dan and James Baxter
    were in the same office at one time at Dreamworks.

  28. i cant believe JOHN LASSETER isnt on the list.

    please please please have him on this show…

    also pete docter.

  29. Hey Clay,
    Great job with the podcast.Cant get enough.
    Dave Spafford is always interesting to talk with.I also second Dave with the great Jim Hull.

  30. dejas said he’d do an interview about the nine old men, you should take him up on that.
    Bluth and bakshi would both be awesome too. awesome site, thanks for the hard work.

  31. Peter Sohn!
    The guy works at almost every level of a film in Pixar. Story, design, boarding, animation..

    Also, Lou Romano.

    Either of those two would be amazing.

    The latest Baxter podcast is excellent. It’s great to hear someone talk about the meat of what they do and discuss how they do it rather than just hearing their history, where they went to college, who was in their class etc..
    Looking forward to part three.

    ..just thought of Nate Wragg, Teddy Newton, Scott Morse and Harley Jessup.

  32. Terry Gilliam from Monty Python would be interesting to hear in an interview.

  33. That’s a pretty comprehensive list there.

    If I were to add one, it would be for an interview with Tony Fucile. Im a pretty big fan of his work.

  34. You’ll have to remove Ollie Johnston from the list since he’s now passed away 🙁
    I agree with Joe, Hayao Miyazaki would be a cool interview 😀

  35. Hi Clay,
    Thank you sooo much for these great podcasts…awesome!
    I’d like to add “Ellen Woodbury” & “Bret Parker” to the list!
    You said that you are “trying to have at least one woman within the first 30 shows” so here you go… 🙂

  36. Is it too late to request Shawn Keller?

  37. Clay, you must do everything in your power, may it be the movement of heaven and earth, to chat with Sergio Pablos sometime. If not, it would be awesome if you interviewed yourself. You know, actually pose yourself questions and answer yourself. Awesome work, thanks for giving us your time.

  38. Two of my favorites at the moment who I’d like to see interviewed are Michael Sporn and Caroline Leaf.

  39. Ed Gombert, Francis Glebas, Nancy Beiman, Seth McFarlane, Duncan Marjoribanks, Pete Docter, Darryl Van Citters, Ash Brannon, Chris Buck, Frederic Back, Bruno Bozzetto, Will Vinton, Nick Park, Brothers Quay, Don Hahn, John Canemaker…

  40. Tony Fucile is a great designer and terrific animator. But you can hardly find any interviews with him. Please, he’s a huge inspiration.

  41. I was in Annecy this year and was fortunate enough to see a lecture with Doug Sweetland directed Presto. He a great animator and really had some great tips and filosofies that could benifit all animators and animation geeks