Show 001 – Andreas Deja, Part One

Andreas Deja

It’s here, it’s here! Over a month of preparation finally pays off and I’m so happy to present the first show featuring superstar animator Andreas Deja. In part one Andreas takes us through his discovery of animation from a small town in Germany to the Disney Animation building in Burbank.

Check back for part two to hear more about Eric Larson, Tim Burton, and The Black Cauldron.

EDIT FOR CLARITY: Some people took the preceding sentence to be a list of future interviews. I assure you that Eric Larson will not be talking to anyone anytime soon. These are topics that Andreas talks about in Show 2.

Get it here: Show 1: Andreas Deja, Part One
Animation Podcast Show 1 MP3

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Andreas Deja, Part One Show Notes
* April 30, 2005
* Theme song by DJ Sweettooth
* About the podcast
* Introduction
* Pronounciation of Deja
* Growing up in Dinslaken, Germany
* Jungle Book
wedge First steps
* Sends letter to Disney
* Bambi
* Drawing at the zoo/ life drawing
* The plan for Disney
* Early animation
* Richard Williams
wedge Art School
* Hans Bacher
* Tuning in to Milt Kahl
wedge Contact with Disney again
* The Making of Raggedy Ann and Andy, by John Canemaker
wedge Learns about Disney Training Program
* Eric Larson

* Meeting in Germany
* Accepted at Disney
wedge Closing
* Feedback
* Leave a comment on the site
* Leave a voice message
(206) 666-ANM8 (2668)
* Email The Animation Podcast
* Music on the show
* Theme Song – DJ Sweettooth a.k.a. Joe Moshier
* Background music – Bob Davies
* Vote for The Animation Podcast

35 Comments on “Show 001 – Andreas Deja, Part One

  1. AMAZING! What a great interview – can’t wait to hear more!! Congratulations on a great job Clay!

  2. Thanks Jim. You know, I hold your site in the highest esteem so that means a lot to me. Keep up the good work and thanks for the feedback.

  3. Great job! I worked with Andreas for years and I never even knew how to say his name! Halarious! It’s so fun to see that even the greats were as geeky as we were and are. Excellent interview. I look forward to Part Two. Hurry!

  4. Excellent job! Love it! I must link you guys from my blog. Is that cool with you? Cannot wait for part two!!! Keep it up!

  5. Great stuff. I will definetely keep coming back here. Glad to hear someone’s doing something like this!

  6. Excellent! Congratulations on a great interview. I can’t wait to hear more from Andreas and everyone else you’ve got lined up.

  7. As I’ve told some other people, I really didn’t know how much appeal this would have to you guys out there. I only knew that I love listening to podcasts and I love hearing about animation. I put two of my passions together and this is the happy result. I absolutely appreciate the feedback! It assures me that this is worthwhile to more people than just me. Aw, I’d still keep doing it anyhow. It’s great fun!

  8. sweeeeeeeeeeet

    This is so awesome, please bring out part 2 soon, can’t wait for it !
    Thx for making these interviews and sharing them with us.

    greetings Mario

  9. Oh, man that was great! I feel like I stumbled upon a bag of gold today 🙂 Just like you said, you eat up every little bit of information you can find about the old masters or the pro working animators.

    The interview was not only well produced but excellently done! A good interviewee too, and I am looking very much forward to the next ones. Keep up the great work!

  10. Incredibly inspirational. I immediatly voted for you! Although at the moment, the interview didn’t really get deep, it was still a great inspiration for me, as an animation enthusiast and student, and it just gets me so fired up. Like he said, everything just suddenly becomes “real” again!

    – Benjamin

  11. Thankyou for taking the time to get this going, hearing from animators in the industry, even if they don’t specifically talk about animation, is just fantastic.

  12. This is a great idea!! I can not wait to hear more….interview many more animators…quickly…we wants more. It was really inspiring to hear Andreas story thus far. Great stuff……too short….but still great!

  13. great interview! very inspiring and well conducted.

    cant wait for more.


  14. It’s awesome that you’re capturing all of this great talent for posterity! Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to Joe and Burny!!

  15. Great job Clay!!! Im completely inspired by you and what youre doing. BE SCARY!!!

  16. Andreas has always been a great inspiration to me. I have read numerous articles about him, but it’s the first time that I find a really amazing interview about him. I loved it, and I can’t wait for more. Great job!

  17. WOW!What a Great interview!!I allways loved Andreas Deja’s work,and Ilove still,even if 3D animation are more and more stronger!I hope disney considers their big mistake of leaving 2D animation…here in Portugal, there are many fans of animation!!!

    Keep your good job,of course your page is in my computer’ Favorites item!!! Bye!

  18. Thank you very much Clay for the excellent interview with Andreas, it’s wonderful to hear other artists in the industry and their experiences, motivations, etc. I look forward to more great interviews!

  19. maravilloso that greates in spanish good job clay

  20. Great first show. I discovered your Podcast in the directory at iPodder and was afraid it was going to be just another one of the audio Wayne’s World type shows that seem to make more that half of the content that’s out there. When I saw Andreas’ name in the title I got excited. I love his work.

    Your show is outstanding right out of the blocks, keep up the good work!

  21. Great interview! I’ve been a fan of Andreas and general Disney animation since Aladdin. I track all the news around the movie and it’s creators. Hope to hear podcasts more from you soon.

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  23. Wow Streetrat, you REALLY love Aladdin. What a dedicated site. When I saw Aladdin it was so different from most Disney films, it made me start to think that it might be worth giving animation a try.

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  25. Hey – really nice notes! This was an unexpected bonus and makes your site that much more valuable. For anyone reading this – if you are an animator you MUST have Richard Williams Animator’s Survival Kit – you MUST!

  26. clay, this is wonderful stuff. I hope it lives for a long time..!!!!!!

  27. Sean, it’s like when we started over ten years ago, only now I have an “official” excuse to pester these guys. Glad I can share it with everyone.

  28. This is great! What value hearing all this straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak). Can’t wait for more shows. Thanks!

  29. Just wanted to leave my gratitude for the great work you are doing Clay. Awesome job, looking forward to future animation podcasts!

  30. Again to EVERYONE: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    The excitement you are sharing for what I’m trying to do is spurring me on to try to keep some sort of release schedule. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

  31. Wow this ROCKED! And I¬¥ve only been listening to the first part – there¬¥s so much still ahead! I feel like a little kid who was given a huuuuuuge cake 🙂