Bang the drum! We’re in the top 50, 40, 30, 20!

Now, I’m new to this whole podcasting thing so I want to explore all the experiences it has to offer. That’s why I’ve been asking you, my gracious audience, to show your support and cast a vote for The Animation Podcast at Podcast Alley. Well, you’ve answered the call and about five minutes ago we (you and I) broke in to the covetted Top 50 List!

What this means in the long run, I’m not sure, but other podcasters sure seem to want to be there. I think in the end it leads to more exposure for this thing we love called animation and for the artists who create it. That makes me happy because from the start, I’ve been saying that what this Podcast is really about is the people.

Thanks for voting. (A couple more wouldn’t hurt, so we don’t fall off the list.) They reset the votes for everyone at the start of each month so I promise that if this voting thing isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be, I’ll drop it in the future. For now, let’s score one for animation!

Click here to vote!

UPDATE: As of 5/9 The Animation Podcast has broken in to the top 20! This is incredible and I thank everyone for their support. It is definitely directing more traffic to this site and I can only imagine those people are giving the show a listen. As I commented over on Podcast Alley, my listeners are AWESOME!

2 Comments on “Bang the drum! We’re in the top 50, 40, 30, 20!

  1. Episode 2 Baby, Episode 2!!! Keep the momentum rollin!