What’s up after three days?

I posted Show 1 on May 1 and the response has been overwhelming. By the end of Tuesday, I’ve had about 1100 first time visitors and over 2500 page loads. I don’t know how that relates to other sites, but for me it is definitely gratifying to see this level of interest in a project I’m so excited about.

Something I didn’t anticipate is the global reach of one website. It blows my mind to think that one day I can have a conversation and the next day it is heard in 61 countries. Here the list so far (and shout out to my Lithuanian brothers!)(and The Intro Voice wants a shout out to her Argentine sistas!):

United States, Canada, Oman, Denmark, Japan, Pakistan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Croatia, UK, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, India, Netherlands, Brazil, Serbia & Montenegro, Phillipines, Iceland, Chile, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Bahamas, Lithuania, Argentina, Finland, Estonia, Ireland, Austria, Colombia, Malaysia, Italy, Norway, Mexico, Israel, Spain, Poland, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Malaysia, Turkey, Uruguay, Bosnia & Herzegowina, Singapore, Portugal, Bulgaria, South Africa, Russian Federation, Iran, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Korea, Taiwan, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Morocco, Malta

To everyone who has left a comment so far, I’m trying to think of a creative way to thank you for participating. For now I’ll say thanks, but I’ll try to come up with something. Maybe a bonus snippet of audio or advance access to a show.

Please bear with me as I share some comments that listeners have sent to me about my first attempt at the whole podcast thing. My mother will be so proud.

From Ward:

“…congrats on a successful first podcast, and I’m so looking forward to more more more. I think that it is very important to have this connection to current animators and animation legends as it is very conducive to learning. As animators we must gather as much knowledge on this unique and unusual art-form as we can. And to be able to learn from greats within the industry, that’s just invaluable. Thank you for this great opportunity.”

From Mike:

“i think you have underestimated your audience. while still very niche, this kind of stuff is considered to be “real gems” amongst us. keep it up!!!”

From Alexandre:

“I’m a young animation studant from Brazil, I’m studying animation at the Animation Mentor.com course, and I loved your iniative to do this audio files with great animator Interviews.
This first interview with Andreas Deja was really inspiring especially because he is talking about the begining that is exactly where I’m. Knowing about his dificulties of living far away from the great studios just like me makes me get more enthusiastic of trying harder and harder to pursue my dreams.
I really apreciate this first audio file, very clearn and even with my poor english I unterstood it with no problem.”

From Stefan:

“as a student i try to find as many ressources as possible, and this looks like it’s going to be an invaluable resource. Looking forward to hearing more from great animators!”

From Bobby:

“…you are doing something SUPER great!”

Nilah Said:

That was the most awesome thing ever. I had downloaded the show yesterday but hadn’t bothered listening to it, but since I was up doing some sketches today, I figured I needed something to while away the time. It was so wonderful and uplifting to hear about Mr. Deja’s background. Even living in Maryland, I sometimes feel that I’m pursuing an out-of-reach goal simply because I’m too far away.
On TV and in the magazines they always talk about the voice actors. Sometimes you get to hear from the directors. You never hear from the animators. This is truly a great thing you’re doing.
Can’t wait for the next show!

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who voted for The Animation Podcast at Podcast Alley. Even with 18 votes, I’m hovering at around 60 in the rankings. That’s very compelling, considering there are about 3,000 podcasts there. The show would get a lot more notice though if it broke into their top 50 list. Maybe then we could get some “non-animation” people excited about this artform we love. (pssssst…subtle hint: please go vote) Now to break into the top 10 would be a dream, but the current #10 is sitting pretty with 94 votes. If just 1% of the visitors to this site cast a vote, we’d blow that Star Trek show into deep space. I can dream can’t I? Set phasers to stun.

Many people have been wondering when the next show comes out. I’ll spill the beans and say it’s on the weekend. I know how frustrating it can be when you want a site to update and you keep coming back to find nothing new. (Kind of reminds me of when Seward Street went on vacation last month. I went mad with withdrawals.) I’m saying this so people don’t give up and write this off. There’s more, really.

13 Comments on “What’s up after three days?

  1. Loved part 1 – can’t wait for part 2. I’m behind you all the way!

  2. Amazing!
    Thank your for that wonderful stuff!

    This is the first podcast I’ve ever heard because I’ve waited all the time just for something like this. THX!

    Vienna, Austria

  3. I’m an instant fan. I have tried many podcasts and this will be the first to have
    a permanent subscription.
    Great work!

  4. You have a great website! It’s very informational and has lots of valuable stuff for me to learn. I’ll check back at the site everyday to see what’s new.

  5. hey, clay,
    thanks for this wonderful new way of sharing stories and experiences about our beloved medium. as the other german andreas to end up at disney, i could relate to a lot of the recollections that andreas shared in your interviews and your site will hopefully inspire a new generation of animators to keep the magic alive.
    can’t wait for the next show.

  6. Thanks for the comments everybody.
    Andreas (t.y.), thanks for stopping by. I know of a few German animators and I have the feeling that most of you have similar experiences to one degree or another. It’s incredible how so many people can relate to this on a personal level.

  7. I just added iTunes 4.9 and very quickly noticed The Animation Podcast. I’m still working with iTunes to figure out how to subscribe without getting anonymous error messages, but in the mean time I wanted to thank you for your hard work. This ‘cast alone definitely makes 4.9 worth the upgrade!

  8. just got a mail from a friend to take a look and here the Audios.
    Is so nice to here the good animatores and the storyes of have they got into the field.
    Good work, can’t wait to here the next broadcast. 🙂

  9. I have been looking for content like this for so long. The interviews were not the least bit boring. You can’t even get this stuff on TV! Awesome. You have truly (this may sound sad) made my day. Please continue with your great work … (I clicked on several of your links to Amazon tonight to do my part).

    Thanks for your creativity.

    Sacramento, CA

  10. Matthew,
    You’ve made my day! Thanks for the feedback. Don’t worry, I don’t expect to make money, I just thought it is the most convenient way for people to find these resources. Thanks anyhow and thanks even more for listening.

  11. Clay,

    As a long time Disney animation art collector (specifically production drawings), I have always loved to read about stories about animators and the animation process. Your podcast goes above and beyond reading and I can’t wait to hear what you have in the future.

    The AnimationPod cast has made it into my top three list of awsome ‘casts!

    Also, any chance of posting some of your work here at animationpodcast.com so we can see what you do for living?


  12. Hi Robert,

    I’m honored to have the podcast in anyone’s list. Thanks!

    As far as my work is concerned, I haven’t put anything online. If I ever did, I’d much rather do it on a personal portfolio site than here. For now, I think I’ll put my efforts toward making more shows. That would be far more exciting I think. For the time being, you can see what I’ve worked on so far at The Internet Movie Database.