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iTunes 4.9 supports podcasts

I was so excited this morning when I upgraded my iTunes software to see the new podcasting feature of the iTunes Music Store, and saw that The Animation Podcast is listed! Now there’s a place where all my shows are available in one easy list. I haven’t downloaded anything yet, but it looks super easy […]

Show 004 – Nik Ranieri, Part One

The Animation Podcast returns with a Canadian invasion! Here’s part one (of many more) with Nik Ranieri. Nik tells us about going to Sheridan to learn animation and what good animation means to him. Get it here: Show 4: Nik Ranieri, Part One (11.1MB, 32:15 minutes) Tweet

Ones and Twos

I’ve already posted this in a comment and explained it in Show 3, but to keep things organized and findable, here’s where you can find my explanation of “What are ones and twos?” Ones and Twos ONES and TWOS Here’s my explanation of ‘ones and twos.’ I also talk about it at the end of […]