Natwick on Iwerks

Jonzeing for some audio until the next podcast? The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog has a link to a snippet of an interview with Grim Natwick who talks about working with Ub Iwerks. Finally, I get to hear someone who worked with the man pronounce ‘Ub.’ You can also read a little more about the two on the page. See what I mean? ASIFA does good stuff!

4 Comments on “Natwick on Iwerks

  1. The link to the actual interview brings up and error message? Anyone have better results?

  2. That was an interesting interview. It’ll be nice to keep up on the animation archive and see the kinds of things that show up. That ‘s a great project.

    Hey, I hope you don’t mind, but you’ve been tagged!

  3. I fixed the problems with the links. Apparently blogger is saving the archives in a different directory than the main page.

    That interview with Grim is 40 minutes long. In the rest of the interview he talks about animating on Snow White and Walt’s brother Ray DIsney, the insurance salesman who sold policies to all the animators on staff. Great stuff!

    The full interview is available at the Archive in Burbank. Stop by and take the tour.

    Stephen Worth
    ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive