Since you’re just standing around waiting…

Why don’t you take the listener survey? This isn’t some big marketing strategy. I’m just curious about who listens to the show. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes, unless you have to stop and think about who your favorite character is. Nothing personal either, just a handful of easy questions. I’d really appreciate it. Think of it as your way to give back to the show that keeps on giving.

Speaking of shows, there WILL be a new show on the site around Sunday night/Monday morning, so be sure to check back for that. I promise, you will not want to miss it. And don’t ask who it is. I won’t give.

Find the survey in header at the top, or in the sidebar, or just click right here.

6 Comments on “Since you’re just standing around waiting…

  1. Done! So who is it? Oh…
    Can’t wait till monday!

    And btw, welcome to AM!

  2. Wow, 20 people so far. Not bad for a Friday morning. Thanks everyone. I won’t be satisfied until we’re in the hundreds. If you’ve taken the survey, how about a testimonial here about how life changing it was? Ah, don’t bother. Let them discover the magic for themselves.

    By the way Benjamin, you’re officially banned from listening to the show. 😉

  3. How life-changing it is? Well it makes me less nervous to animate and realize that since the greats were awful before they become “the great” animator I could be one too. Some teachers made it clear for me that I’d never be “great” so your post makes me more encouraged to strive for that goal.

    A great animator to me is someone who can deftly animate a feeling and get it across the screen.