Get email updates. Also, testing a more compact look.

For those of you who aren’t subscribed in iTunes, and for the people who don’t get updates via the RSS feed – basically anyone using the internet like it’s still the 90s – I’ve added the option to get an email when a new show is released. I haven’t exactly tested it, but when the next show comes out we’ll see how it works. 🙂

You’ll only get an email when a new podcast is posted.

You can find the link in the sidebar or just click here.

I’m also trying out this new layout that puts the focus on the shows and makes them easier to see on the page. Everything else will be placed under the category ‘Inbetweens’ – what else? – and truncated to show just the title.

If you’re afraid you’ll miss something important, always read the posts in the ‘Noteworthy’ category. They have the cute little heart icon. Isn’t that special?

4 Comments on “Get email updates. Also, testing a more compact look.

  1. Change scares me Clay. Email doesnt 🙂 Thanks man,

  2. Clay,

    I must confess, I use the internet likes it’s still the 90’s. 🙁 Great Ideas, Great Show, Glen Keane rocks, Bless you and your descendants.