Question : Did the email notification work?

There’s a link in the sidebar to sign up for email updates. I’m wondering if the people who added their email actually got a notification of the latest podcast. If you did or didn’t, could you please let me know. Everyone doesn’t have to reply, naturally, but I’d like to hear from at least a handful of people to know if it’s working. Thanks.

8 Responses to “Question : Did the email notification work?”

  1. Nini says:

    I signed up but didn’t get anything.

  2. Thanks Nini. That’s good to know. I think I fixed something there, so we’ll see when the next show comes out.

  3. Amanda says:

    I think I signed up, but to tell the truth, I actually can’t remember if that was so. In any case, if I did, I haven’t received anything either.

    Also, is there a reason that some tracks are missing when one subscribes to the podcast with iTunes? I have had trouble getting some of the earlier shows to download. Specifically shows 002, 003, 004, and 007.

  4. Hi Amanda, I don’t think you signed up – at least not with that email. Go ahead and do so and hopefully you’ll get an email when the next show is out.

    Yes, there is a reason why those shows are missing. I never created enhanced versions of them. I went back and started, but did them in a strange order, so only some of them are there. It’s on my list.

  5. I think I signed up, but I dont think I got any mail from you. Looking forward to the next cast! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  6. MIljan Novcic says:

    I found out about “Show 016 – Burny Mattinson, Part One” by wisiting the site and i was suprised that i didn’t get any email notification. Hope you’ll fix it. Bye

  7. Kristine B says:

    which new podcast? I dont think I recieved anything, no.

  8. Thanks for all the responses. I think I’ve worked it out now.