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Under a little construction…

I threw the switch and changed the layout of the site. As I expected, some things got pretty thrown out of whack! It all seems functional now, but I’ll be fiddling with it to get it the way I like. I should point out a few new things around here: Tweet

Stuart Ng sketchbook printing tips

Stuart Ng always has a must-see booth at the Comicon filled with domestic and import sketchbooks and art books. His website has been redesigned and I noticed a pretty useful page filled with tips on making and selling your own artist sketchbooks. The tips are not about HOW to draw the pretty pictures – that’s […]

Show 021 – Dale Baer, Part One

Show 021 – Dale Baer, Part One

“It was like going to Mount Olympus and meeting the Gods. It really was. And I was scared to death.” Dale Baer came to Disney’s as an animation trainee in the late sixties, when the era of the Nine Old Men was coming to a close. He has worked for Filmation, Disney, Ralph Bakshi, and […]