Under a little construction…

I threw the switch and changed the layout of the site. As I expected, some things got pretty thrown out of whack! It all seems functional now, but I’ll be fiddling with it to get it the way I like.

I should point out a few new things around here:

  • There are now TWO sidebars that will hopefully gather all the interesting tidbits in to a tighter clump.
  • I’ve activated K2’s (the blog theme – getk2.com) top navigation bar. You’ll see it under the header if you go back a to an older page, then you can interactively scroll through the past without the page having to reload – ooooh. (By the way, check out the ‘trim’ feature when the scrollbar appears.)
  • Live search is now active in the search box in the sidebar – aaahhh.
  • I’ve added a new audio shoutbox in the sidebar for instant audio comments! We’ll see how that goes. I pay good money for that so use it!!!
  • The archives actually serve a purpose, so digging through them now results in, well, results!
  • On a side note, the number of podcasts in the categories list was always wrong. It fixed itself somehow. Yay.

I’m sure there are more good things and probably a couple bad ones, but I’ll get the wrinkles ironed out by the end of the week. Thanks for stopping by!

2 Comments on “Under a little construction…

  1. love the podcast and first time back to the website sine the remake. cool! in fact, i’m commenting from my mobile phone browser. now that’s really cookin’ when it comes to getting your site out there.

    good job! and keep up the podcasts