New blog section: Q&A!

The crazy thing about me doing an audio show is that I sometimes find it so darn tough to put my thoughts in to words and then have those words come out of my mouth. Go figure! While I will always strive to improve my “on the air” skills, I find that I receive quite a few questions from listeners that I would like to answer and share with everyone. Most of the time I try to reply to emails, but that only gets the info to one person. To do that in the podcasts would take more time than I’d like to admit. So today a new section is born!

Simply put, it’s Q&A.

When I get a question in an email or in the comments of one of the posts that is worthy of singling out, I’ll break it out and drop it in it’s own Q&A post. Eventually, there may be quite a bit of information here that many people would like to know so it seems logical to keep it under the Animation Notebook section of the site.

Look for the first Q&A later today.

2 Comments on “New blog section: Q&A!

  1. On one of your past podcast you were talking about how on chicken little the animators where able to break the rigging heiarchy to make posing and counter animation easier. I was wondering if there were any tutorials on that process or is it is scripting or controls just for Disney?

  2. Randy Kazandy is a newly released character that would make a lovely animation with a motto: I love being me! He is funny and a whimsical fellow. Please check the Randy Kazandy website and see that he can be a real hero to all our children.