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Show 003 – Andreas Deja, Part Three

It’s Deja vu all over again. The last installment of my first (but hopefully not the last) meeting with Andreas Deja is here. Hear his thoughts on his own work, as well as his friendship with animation legend Milt Kahl. CORRECTION: At the end I say meant to say, “This conlcudes Part Three,” not part [...]

Show 002 – Andreas Deja, Part Two

The conversation with Andreas Deja continues. In part two Andreas recounts his first years at Disney including working with Tim Burton on The Black Cauldron and Richard Williams on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Get it here: Show 2: Andreas Deja, Part Two (11.9MB, 17:16 minutes) Continue for Show Notes… Tweet

Show 001 – Andreas Deja, Part One

It’s here, it’s here! Over a month of preparation finally pays off and I’m so happy to present the first show featuring superstar animator Andreas Deja. In part one Andreas takes us through his discovery of animation from a small town in Germany to the Disney Animation building in Burbank. Check back for part two [...]