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Show 006 – Nik Ranieri, Part Three

In part three Nik Ranieri shares his experiences working on his first feature film for Disney, Roger Rabbitt. Get it here: Show 6: Nik Ranieri, Part Three (19.6MB, 42:46 minutes) Continue for Show Notes… Tweet

Show 005 – Nik Ranieri, Part Two

In part two of the interview Nik Ranieri takes us through his early years in animation and some of the lessons learned before he got to Disney. Get it here: Show 5: Nik Ranieri, Part Two (13.1MB, 28:33 minutes) Continue for Show Notes… Tweet

Show 004 – Nik Ranieri, Part One

The Animation Podcast returns with a Canadian invasion! Here’s part one (of many more) with Nik Ranieri. Nik tells us about going to Sheridan to learn animation and what good animation means to him. Get it here: Show 4: Nik Ranieri, Part One (11.1MB, 32:15 minutes) Tweet