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Another map, by Wayfaring

Wayfaring is a new site that allows anyone to make custom maps and stick pins in them for whatever purpose they want. Of course, my first instinct was to make an animation map. I started it by putting on all the studios whose locations I was sure about. I know there are many more, so [...]

Where are you?

I know, I know. You want more shows. They will come, I promise. In the meantime, I just took a break and set up a Frappr map. You can go there and add yourself so we can all see who’s listening and from where. Be sure to use the Shoutout box to tell something about [...]

Joe Grant has passed away

Right now I am shattered. I just received an email stating that animation legend Joe Grant passed away today. I had talked to him last week about meeting for an interview. We said it would maybe happen this week. Things came up and we didn’t get together. I sent an email last night saying we [...]

What’s up after three days?

I posted Show 1 on May 1 and the response has been overwhelming. By the end of Tuesday, I’ve had about 1100 first time visitors and over 2500 page loads. I don’t know how that relates to other sites, but for me it is definitely gratifying to see this level of interest in a project [...]

About RSS – how to keep updated

I’ve had some questions from people wondering if there is some sort of email list for notifications of updates. There isn’t but there are other options. The simplest way to get updates is to take advantage of what is known as RSS. If you know about this already, good, then you’re excused. Otherwise, read on [...]

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