Where are you?

I know, I know. You want more shows. They will come, I promise. In the meantime, I just took a break and set up a Frappr map. You can go there and add yourself so we can all see who’s listening and from where.

Be sure to use the Shoutout box to tell something about yourself like your homepage, where you work/go to school, what is your favorite type of animation. You can add a picture (or a creatively drawn rendition) of your mug too! And by mug I mean face, not coffee.

I started it off, but it’s so lonely on that map. Fill ‘er up!

If you ever want to change what you’ve put up there, send me an email and I’ll delete your name so you can start fresh and clean. By the way, I’ll add something that looks more like me when I’m at home with my scanner.

7 Comments on “Where are you?

  1. Although I don’t know how to show it here, I used some basic HTML to make my popup look like that. I just typed the link like that and it worked, added some br tags at the start of new paragraphs and added bold tags for the movie titles. If you don’t know what this means, that’s fine, you can always just type it plain and simple.


  2. Woops, posted my profile already, and missed this HTLM comment. Is there any way to edit? I guess not, since I wasn’t asked for an e-mail address, etc.

    Can’t wait for the next show!

    – Benjamin

  3. Hey everybody,
    I’m getting such a kick from seeing where all of you are. Thanks to everyone who’s added themself. If you haven’t stuck your pin in the map yet, get on it already.


  4. Hi Clay, great show, cant wait for the next one!!! and its cool to actually see where the animation community is around the world!!!

  5. Hey, we need some more female animators on the map. If you know of any let’s encourage them to join — there have to be more of us out there.



  6. I’m spooked, somehow it knows almost down to around 500 yards where I live!! I’m hoping it’s based on WHOIS data…