I’m not the only one!

Some other animation podcasts have come and gone (hopefully they’ll come back again) and I’ve been waiting for someone else to show up on the scene. Hey, I need something to listen to too.

If you’re into internet based animation, Shayne at EYEeffex Media has created The Eye On Animation podcast. In his first show he interviews Flash animator Adam Phillips. Congratulations on getting it out there Shayne. I know it ain’t easy.

UPDATE: By the way, good job too!

8 Comments on “I’m not the only one!

  1. Thanks for that Clay!!
    It sure isnt easy, but I had agreat time doing the show, and look forward to having it become a weekly feature!
    Major props for The Animation Podcast as well, without your inspiration TheEYE on Animation would have “never been”!!

  2. Hey Clay,

    Just to let you know, my girlfriend Red is starting up a podcast herself called Pencil Test that is going to go into the art, science, and history of animation. She’s an aspiring animator, and she’s teaching herself and saving up for animation school.

    Her site is http://penciltest.libsyn.com

  3. Hey Chris,
    Looks like it’s come full circle. Weren’t you one of the callers on Show 2? I’ll look forward to hearing Red’s take on animation. That’s the great thing about podcasts, once there’s enough animation content out there it’ll be like a radio station just for animators. I’ve subscribed to Red’s feed so I don’t miss a thing.

  4. Ive subscribed as well Chris! Cant wait to hear her show! Its great to see more people taking advantage of the podcasting craze, especially people from the animation industry in specific!

  5. Hey guys,

    It’s great that you already signed up for her feed. I just want to let you know it could be awhile before she gets one up. She’s pretty nervous about the whole thing.

    Of course, I think she’s amazing, but I guess I’m biased.

    In the mean time, you can check out my podcast on moviemaking for beginners: The Martini Shot (http://themartinishot.filmosity.com). I’m planning on doing an episode or two on animation, and Red has joined me on previous shows. She’ll also be helping me out with the animation shows.

    And yes, I’m the one who called on Show #2! Thanks for putting on a great show Clay.

  6. Chris,
    As you probably know, if you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never have a show. I’m still not ready, but I’m glad I started. Just like they say about drawing: get those 10,000 bad drawings out of the way and you’re set. At least with podcasting the learning curve starts off steep but levels off pretty soon. I wish I could say the same for drawing.

    Look at me. I know I’m no natural for this, but I’m learning. So Red, put your fear aside and make your first show, just for practice. You don’t even have to publish it (but I bet you will). One thing I can guarantee: your family will think it’s the best podcast in the world. In the meantime, I’ll check out The Martini Shot.


  7. I am trying to get it posted but I am having a hard time since “Mr Martini Shot” is so frigin’ busy and I don’t know what I’m doing. I am a little behind but it’s coming I promise! Pencil Test soon!!!


  8. I have to echo Clay’s comments on this one… I was so far from being ready when I did my first show you have no idea! To be honest, now that Im moving on with show 3 this weekend, I still feel as though Im not ready.

    Just do your show, and post it up Red! Any and all additions to podcasting animation based materials are more than welcome! (Now I know what Clay went through being the only animation based podcast for so long!)

    Dont worry about sounding “silly” or “stupid”…. after all I have the market on sounding like an idiot all wrapped up!

    So go ahead and make us all proud Red!
    (Ive subbed to the Martini Shot as well Chris!)