Love is a two-way street

All right, with a new month, Podcast Alley has reset the votes so it’s time to give a little love back to The Animation Podcast. I’ve decided not to take time during the shows to ask you to vote, but there’s no shame in my game so you’ll be seeing this humble reminder once a month and that’s it. If you enjoy the shows, a vote is all I ask in return. Like I’ve said before, consider it a recommendation so that more people might see it in the rankings and come our way.

If you find that Podcast Alley says you’ve already voted, it may be because someone else within the same IP address as you (either at your work or in your household) has already voted. If that’s the case, thanks anyhow for trying. I appreciate it.

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5 Comments on “Love is a two-way street

  1. Hey Clay,

    First of all, who are you? Are you a student in a college, an established animator, just a fan? I’ve no clue. Second of all, I love your podcasts. You should get an interview with Glen Keane. That would be great. He’s my favorite of all animators. I only just stumbled upon your podcast through a link on a post on
    I am currently an aspiring animator who is applying to the calarts character animation program. So, keep up the good work. It gives me something to lean on.

    Jeremy Benziger

  2. Clay,

    Love the site, just recently ran across this and have been listening to the podcasts of all the great Disney animators. I am a big fan. Great job. If there is any place else I can vote or leave feed back just ket me know.

    G. Penz