RSS is the way to go

Once again, Jim at Seward Street is absolutely right. The best way to stay up to date and not blow your morning jumping from webpage to webpage is to use the power of RSS to bring all the new posts to you. I know there’s a huge number of you who visit my site every day to see if there’s anything new. I appreciate the visits, but you could save yourself a whole lot of time if you’d just subscribe to the feeds you want and check them all in one fell swoop through Bloglines, NewsGator, or My Yahoo!. (And those are just some of the web-based choices.) I like Bloglines, but I also like the fact that NewsGator lets you go back and review already read posts. In Bloglines, once they’re read, they’re gone.

It may seem odd to point out something that will effectively dissuade site visits, but I’m all about ease of use and it doesn’t get much easier than RSS. This will give you more time to animate – in theory ;). Not everyone has a feed for their page (pretty-please, Animated-News? I take that back. Here’s the feed to copy.) but many do. Keep reading to see some of the feeds from this site.

Here are some of the feeds from The Animation Podcast:

Site feed, all posts, including Podcasts:

Podcast feed, lists only the Podcasts:

Comments feed, all the comments to all the posts on the site:

You can copy and paste any of these in to one of the above listed readers and you’re all set.

A while back I tried to explain all of this. You can review it here.

If you want to see the forty-or-so sites I read through Bloglines, here they are. I add and remove them as I see fit, but here’s today’s list:

18 Comments on “RSS is the way to go

  1. Hey Clay,
    I agree. Jim just told me about this, what a great idea. I just got my feed up and running.

  2. Hey Clay, Thanks alot! I studied Walt’s notes all through Sheridan, A practise which I continue to this very day. Thankfully there are so many good guys out there to look up to.

  3. Just noticed that the urls at the bottom of the page for your rss feeds (in your footer?) prepend a “feed:” label before the http: ; this doesn’t work in my browser. (“feed is not a registered protocol”). I imagine that’s not right.

    Thanks for the great site! I’ve very much enjoyed your shows.

  4. Thanks plewis,
    Yeah, I’m not sure why those say “feed”. They just came with the template. I get the same thing when I click them in my browser at work (Mozilla). Anyone else try clicking them with a different browser? Of course, I know they’re meant to be copied, but some browsers can handle feeds.
    Thanks for the kind words. I wish I could put out shows more often!

  5. Hey there, glad to see so many jump onto RSS, it’s a big boon to bloggers!

    Just stopped by to let you know that there is a setting in Bloglines to make your feeds public so others can see what you’re reading, it’s pretty useful, you can get ideas for new feeds you’d like to read from like minded individuals.

    Check it out… mine is at and don’t let my organization sway anyone at all, I’m sure I could use some help on the categorization front.

    Ta ta all!

  6. Speaking of checking the site every single half-hour! please for the love of god and all that is merciful post the next show already! 😛

    You see you do such a good job i’m addicted. I need my fix.

  7. Corey- Soon. I just got back from a week-long vacation.

    Mars- Thanks for the link. I’ll check out what you’re reading and hopefully find some new blogs to add. In case you missed it, I put my bloglines subscription link near the end of my post.

    Dan- I understand your predicament. The last month was crazy busy and like I told Corey, I was just on vacation. So soon is all I can say. Like I said in this post I plan on making the shows a more regular thing. Thanks for waiting you filthy junkie. 🙂

  8. Brenton- I was just trying out Google Reader, so thanks for that! You know how I am about my RSS. I suspect Bloglines was conveniently unable to export my feeds yesterday, so I didn’t bother checking out Google’s that much. I don’t know much about it yet, so I’m wondering when you say ‘button,’ does that do something in particular? Just curious. Thanks for thinking of the old A.P.


  9. Sweet. You are very welcome. (You’re also in on my Yahoo! site. Don’t tell Google, but my email goes through SBC Yahoo! =P)

    I saw the dodgeball scene the other night from Chicken Little. As unWalt Disney as it is for corporate types to close down the division that made Disney Studios such a cultural phenomenon, it’s good to know that WDFA still has an ace up it’s sleeve! I can’t wait to see the full thing! =D

    P.S. If you talk to the scheduling gods, tell them they have to either cancel my night classes or move ASIFA events off Mondays and Wednesdays – I’ve had to miss Corpse Bride and W&G because of class. With the archive on Tuesday and Thursday, I doubt there’s any wiggle room, but just let the schedule gods know I’m peeved that they enjoy so very much taunting me with two events on one night!

  10. Brenton- I’m honored that you’d go through the trouble to make a link button for this site. Thanks, man. I’ll see what other badges I can make in various sizes – great idea!