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After working in animation for eleven years, I decided that it was time to participate a little more in the animation community. This site is an tangible, um audible, result of that decision (hope you like it). Something else I decided to do was to finally join ASIFA-Hollywood. So earlier this week I dropped off a couple applications at their offices in Burbank (one for me, one for the intro voice). I figured what the heck, I’ll go for the Patron membership since it supports what their site calls the “Animation Preservation Project.” I didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded reasonable enough. ASIFA-Hollywood does other cool things like the Annie Awards and the 2D Expo. Plus, for the months before I was hired at Disney, every Tuesday night I went to ASIFA’s little office on Victory Boulevard in Burbank for the cheapest figure drawing in town (not counting sneaking in to Art Center classes). I made my first good drawing there.

So anyhow, imagine how good I felt today when I read Cartoon Brew and learned about the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project. So that’s what they were talking about. What a fantastic idea! Hopefully our new membership will help get them a little closer to their goals. If you want to help by donating money or time, you can find more info on their blog. You might also consider becoming a member too.

Thanks to Jim for pointing out that they are hoping for some linkage to their blog.

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  1. Welcome!

    Now if they would stop having screenings on the nights I have class. . . 😉 It’s awesome that you joined, especially since it supports the archive, but I think as an employee of Disney, you already had a membership.

    Maybe I’ll meet you in real life at one of the events. =)

  2. That’s right Brenton. I didn’t mention the screenings. They have screenings TOO!

    If I have a membership already, I don’t know about it. It would be great if Disney got all their employees memberships. I know Dreamworks does. Think of all the benefit for ASIFA, for little cost to the studio.


  3. Is ASIFA something that would be smart for a rookie animator coming to the big city to join with? Do they still do figure drawing courses? I’m all about cheap or free drawing classes!


  4. Everyone in LA who loves animation should be a member of ASIFA-Hollywood. We don’t have figure drawing classes any more, but the archive is shaping up to be a tremendous resource for inspiration and research for artists. The last Wednesday of every month is the Act of Membership meeting. This is where the volunteers and active members of ASIFA get together to plan projects and network. Come by and see what we’re up to.

    Stephen Worth
    ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive

  5. Hi,

    I have a gallery on Santa Monica BLVD near Gower – If you know of any artist who might want to show in a gallery setting or know of anyone who might want to do low-key screenings – I would be very appreciative.