iLife ’06 – good news for all of us

Three things real quick-like:
1. I’m still alive and I haven’t quit – because I can’t quit you!

2. I just got iLife ’06 and the new podcast features in GarageBand will make my life so much easier!

3. That means I won’t dread the tedium and time of packaging a podcast (the way I like, with chapters and pretty pictures), so this darn three-months-between-shows-wait will be a distant memory. YEEeeeHah!

13 Comments on “iLife ’06 – good news for all of us

  1. Awesome! Ever since that Chicken Little QnA at animation mentor, I’d been desperatly waiting for a new one! ^^
    Great to hear they’re coming…

  2. hey clay,

    great to hear. please know that you have been missed. i know sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s listening, but we are. any info on who’s coming up?


  3. Just got back from MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. Podcasting was a well talked about subject at the expo. Even attended one podcast while it was taking place.
    The new iLife ’06 sounds exciting. I’m looking forward to more cool podcasts.

  4. Clay,

    I hope this means you’ve taken Glen Keane into consideration and are planning a podcast on him soon… j/k. I know whoever you interview the podcast will be fantastic.


  5. YAY! I finally started listening to all three-and-a-half-hours of the Leonard Maltin interview of Joe Barbera on Google Video yesterday. I’m more than halfway through it, and I just got out of class for the weekend. I THINK I’LL RUN OUT BEFORE ANOTHER ANIMATION PODCAST! Maybe by the time I watch Phil Roman and Joan Cooney you’ll have one up. =)

  6. Wow, that’s great. I’ve listened to Andr?Β©Dej?† e Ron&John so many times right now, I really need something new πŸ™‚
    I take the chance to thank you for your appearance at AnimationMentor, it was great to see you in person, and the Q&A was just awesome!
    Ciao, Susi

  7. Great to hear that, Clay!

    Though I’d personally like to hear some of your previous podcasts finished up before moving onto other guests.

    I’m still intrigued with Nik Ranieri’s Podcasts, notably how it seems that each phase took a good amount of detail on some subjects. Nik left us hanging on a great point just when he as brougth on to work on ‘The Little Mermaid.’

    On another topic, I’m still wondering who else out there we’ll hear from. Since Nik mentioned him so many times, I’d be more than interested to hear from James Baxter.

    One last note: I think it may be interesting if you could interview some of the ‘women of animation.’ Since most of the animators that are known are largely male, I think getting a Podcast with women like Kathy Zielinski would make good listening material.

  8. I saw the new bells and whistles for making podcasting easy in GarageBand on Apple’s very own podcast on How To Podcast the other day. Looking forward to more from you, Clay!

  9. Hey Clay,

    That’s great news. I’ve listened to every episode more than once, and your’s is the best quality podcast (both in content and presentation) that I’ve heard. It’s a great service to the animation community, so many thanks, and keep up the great work!

    Can’t wait for the next installment πŸ™‚


  10. Benjamin – That Q&A on Animation Mentor was fun. (For those who don’t know, Jason Ryan and I did a video chat with the Animation Mentees at the end of last year. I had such a good time, I’ve decided to help out with the program this year.) It was good to see the faces of a lot of you guys who comment here.

    Drew – Thanks for the reminder. It’s much appreciated.

    Floyd – I love what Apple has done with podcasting. Why are they always the one to make things so easy? Hopefully this will enable other podcasts to flourish as well. Just look at the Spline Doctors’ first podcast.

    Jeremy – I don’t like to give away my plans, but I will in this case – I’m working on it.

    Brenton – I’m glad to see you’re getting something out of those. I’ll be attempting to make my shows come more often this year.

    Susi – Even I get something out of these from repeated listening (and believe me, I get REPEATED listening when I edit them) but I’ll do my best to bring much more to enjoy.

    Michael – Yes, I know I need to get my podcasting in order, but bear with me. At least you can put all the interviews in order in iTunes after I’ve released them. πŸ™‚ I’ll be going back to finish up the incomplete series. Yes, I plan on bringing you a James Baxter interview – it’s on the list. I definitely will get to interview some women in animation in the future.

    Ward – Ain’t Apple great? (Sorry to my Windows lovers out there, but a man’s gotta choose.) You guys can see what Ward is talking about here.

    Richard – Thanks so much for the high praise! I’ll try to make it better somehow.

    Nicolas – Thank you.


  11. Good to have you back. I was starting to wonder. Your’s is a podcast that I very much look forward to.
    Many thanks.