A new way to leave your feedback

There’s a very nice addition to the feedback options that may be of use to some of you, especially the overseas listeners: It’s the pink balloon link in the sidebar that says ‘Send me a voice message.’ (I may will update that in the future with my own image.) If you’ve got a computer with a mic, you can record right there, no need to call a phone number, AND the audio quality should be much clearer than the phone messages. You also get to review it before sending, so if you sound like a goof (which isn’t a bad thing for the show) you can start over. Good for all of us, aight? I think the only requirements are a mic on your end (duh) and flash installed for your browser. Give it a shot, if for no other reason than for helping me test it out.

While I’m on the subject of feedback, I’d like to extend a GREAT BIG THANKS to everyone who’s been commenting here on the site, as well as to the handful of people who gave some nice reviews in iTunes. And I can’t forget those of you who still vote on Podcast Alley. That’s is always appreciated since Podcast Alley is a pretty good gauge of what podcasts people like. It’s all appreciated mucho, mucho, and keeps my tank full for the podcast road ahead. By the way, the next stop will be pretty sweet!

3 Comments on “A new way to leave your feedback

  1. Clay, I use the old style because it’s just a lot cleaner to me and going off to check the newer style I find a link to a survey and the pink balloon of comments… Why nothing for the old sticklers who love the cleanliness of Kubrick? Yeah. and there’s that thing with the header being cut off to the right for the 2D Theme but that’s for an entry further down.

  2. Hi Nini – I went back and looked at the old style and I still really like it too. I just wanted to get a different look than the default layout. Thanks for the reminder about the sticklers. I added those links under the feedback section for you. Can you describe the header being cut off (or send me a pic of it)? I don’t see anything out of the ordinary here.

    Ah yes, the survey. You are eagle-eyed. I had just put that up minutes before you saw it. Still working out some kinks, but it should all be good now. Anyone else, survey away!


  3. The header has part of the “T” cut off no matter what size my window is at, odd that you don’t see it but I suppose it might just be IE being iffy and not being too absolute over sizes.

    Or being too absolute, I don’t remember most of IE’s major CSS flaws.