Downtime coming up

I’m transfering my site to a new host in the next week or so. I can’t say exactly when because it’s out of my control. When that happens, the website will most likely not be available for about a day, and that’s if I get to it right away.

I’ve decided to hold off on releasing Glen Keane, Part Two until after the switch because I don’t want people to come looking for it and find absolutely nothing. It’ll only be a short while and when everything is squared away, I’ll put out Show 15.

I host the audio files on a totally different server, so all the previous shows will still be available. The best bet is to access them through iTunes or another podcast directory like Odeo, Yahoo! Podcasts, or Podcast Alley.

Thanks for your understanding and patience,

7 Comments on “Downtime coming up

  1. Can’t wait for the new one! Keep up the great work, Clay!

  2. I’ve been with for the website hosting. There have just been a handful of times when I install something and it takes so much effort to make work. Since I know so little about all this, it feels like time that could be spent on more productive tasks. I have another site hosted at and I just never seem to have those problems. The survey, for example is hosted at 1and1 because I couldn’t get it to install with the security features on Godaddy. 1and1 is cheaper and they include the domain name registration for as long as you’re with them. I’ll try it out. I know Jim at Seward Street has been with 1and1 for a while and he likes them.

    I host the audio files on I’m not changing that. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in podcasting.

    I wonder if I should sign up for 1and1’s affiliate program so I could maybe pay for some of my expenses through referrals. Hmmm…

  3. Don’t worry Clay. You must be sooooo busy.’re fans will wait patiently till the next show’s out. Good luck with the transfer!

  4. Paul – Now that’s what I like to hear! Such support. Such understanding. And if anyone disagrees, I shall banish them from my fiefdom! 🙂

  5. THanks for the update. Looks like it might be a nice place to move ($3 a month for 250GB transfer? I can do that. =D) Let me know if you get an affiliates thing. . .

  6. All right, I’m not a fan of ads, but I like this company and it’s a simple way to help pay for producing the podcast. I’ve added a link at the bottom of the sidebar to If you use it and then sign up with them, I’ll get some credit for my web hosting.