We’re back online

If you didn’t know, the site was offline for a day while I transfered to a new host. It was fairly painless. I think in the whole process I only lost one or maybe two of the most recent comments. Well I’m glad that’s all done! I also tried to reduce some of the visual clutter in the process.

I’m assuming you don’t care about all this and just want the next show. I’ve been working on the site all day and I’m all computed out. It’s Easter weekend. Go outside. Breathe fresh air! I’ll get to the next one this week.

See you guys later.

9 Comments on “We’re back online

  1. We mourn the loss of 2 old classics, the clutter of the 2D look and the class of Kubrick but celebrate the all-newness of the two… Dubrick.
    We welcome Dubrick with open arms and a thought about where the oft-mentioned 3D look will go now.

  2. Hooray! Even though it was only a day we stilled missed you.

    Welcome back. Can’t wait for the second part of the Glen interview.

  3. Whoa…the site looks…good. I’m waiting eagerly for the next show.

  4. The site looks good… this has become one of my must see sites now…. great job…

  5. I just found your site via animationmeat.com

    I love it and I haven’t even downloaded a podcast! Can’t wait to get ’em :D.

  6. Great to see the animation podcast back on line! Where did the quick links to all the podcasts go that you used to have on the right side?

  7. Hey everyone – You guys are all really cool for stopping by and leaving your comments. I have some time to work on the next show tonight, so it won’t be long before Glen Keane, Part Two is out.

    Anthea – Thanks for pointing that out. I totally missed it! I’ll get it back on soon. In the meantime, click on the archive link at the top and it will be on that page.

  8. Hi Clay,

    S’okay. I think some of us know that it takes time to get a page resituated. I try to leave comments, though I don’t know if I’ll be leaving any phone messages soon (boy, did I sound like a ‘yutz’ when I called in last time).