Show 015 – Glen Keane, Part Two

Glen Keane, Part Two

Supervising animator of Ariel, The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan, John Silver and director of the upcoming film Rapunzel. In part two of the interview Glen talks about being trained under Ollie Johnston and some of the artistic struggles and realizations during his career.

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  • 0:00:00: The Intro Voice
  • 0:00:05: Intro
  • 0:00:59: Ollie Johnston as an emotional animator
  • 0:05:09: The experience of animating
  • 0:06:48: Research for a scene
  • 0:08:18: Training with Ollie
  • 0:11:14: Learning discipline and ‘Golden Poses’
  • 0:12:29: Encouragement from Ollie
  • 0:13:56: Balancing perfection and production
  • 0:18:54: Sculptural drawing and the future of hand-drawn animation
  • 0:22:15: If you invented animation today . . .
  • 0:24:13: A connection through drawing
  • 0:24:41: Closing
  • 0:25:01: Voicemail Messages [LINK]
  • Ask the Listeners: What do you recommend? [LINK]
  • Victor’s animation site in Uruguay –
  • 0:33:25: Your questions for Glen Keane [LINK]
  • 0:34:01: Feedback info
  • 0:34:22: Conclusion

41 Comments on “Show 015 – Glen Keane, Part Two

  1. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for releasing the second show of this interview.
    I haven’t been able to get enough of your podcast. This will make my day much much happier tomorrow.

  2. Wow. This podcast has just totally changed my world, and the way I approach animation and drawing. Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart! Now to come up with a question…

  3. Is it ok if i just post my Questions both for Glen Keane, and everyone in general? [I don’t have a mic… 🙂 ]


    How would an aspiring animator go about applying for work in any animation company, if outside of America [do we still follow the same guidelines of aplication such as portfolios, or are there extra specifications?]


    What would your advice be for aspiring 2d/traditional animators, who feel pressured to learn CGI…[should they just give into the hype and learn CGI because that is where the future of the artform is heading, or should they continue to build apon their skills in 2D for hopes of future popularity again?]


  4. Ive Just Listened to the Pod Cast in full and it is excellent… Well done…. How Long Do we have to send in our voice messages for the question?? [so i can borrow a friends mic… 🙂 ) Thanks… Keap up the good work…

    And no body steal my Question…. 🙂

  5. My family doesn’t celebrate christmas, but I’m betting it feels just like this. Thank you I mean Clay.

  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! ^-^ My patience has paid off……I loveeee the show….and I haven’t even listend to it yet. lol. Once again you must be sooooooo busy…sometimes I wonder how much e-mail you must get. THANKS FOE THE SHOW CLAY!

  7. I know you hear it time and time again….but this is a great site. Thanks so much for the shows. The latest with Glen Keane was cool. I would die to work under him or Andreas Deja. All these shows are very modivating.
    thanx again!

  8. Thanks again Clay. These are truly inspiring. Do you know how many more chances you’ll get with Glen Keane? Thanks again.

  9. Thankyou very much for your interview with Glen Keane. (In part one) It was assuring to hear Glen talk about how he hadn’t even considered becoming an animator until he was at Cal Arts. It wasn’t until my second year of art school (Elam School of Fine Arts*cough*, University of Auckland, New Zealand) that I decided that animation is what I wanted to pursue. You always hear stories of people who wanted to become animators ever since they were little kids, and I always thought that because I didn’t have occupational foresight as a toddler, that somehow my interest in animation wasn’t as pure. I guess I needn’t have worried if even Glen Keane hadn’t decided to become an animator until after high school. I also really liked the part in Part Two about balancing the realities of production with art. Very cool and inspiring.

    Thanks again Clay; the effort you put into this site and the interviews is very much appreciated 🙂

  10. This was one of your best podcasts! (I say that after listening to any new ones)

  11. You keep getting the current animation powerhouses, Clay, and I don’t know how you do it! But boy am I glad to be able to listen to their words over and over and over. I have a question for Glen:

    Why did you choose to direct Rapunzel? Did you have a special vision for the story that you had to see come alive or were there other studio factors involved in your decision?

    If these questions mean another podcast from Glen, well then Clay, you seriously own my iPod. Nothing gets played more than these interviews!

    Take care,


  12. Another terrific show, Clay. Although I don’t know how encouraging it is to hear someone like Keane say he’s always felt like he’s faking it. It makes me wonder – if he’s faking it, what the heck do you call what I’m doing? :0)

    Seriously, great show. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PODCAST!! I LOVE IT!! I’ve been a huge fan of animation for years and Glen Keane is my favorite animator! I’ve listened to other shows and I’ve enjoyed them immensely, but I was so excited to hear Glen Keane speak. To hear him talk about his struggles, insecurities and the passion that he has for his work is really encouraging and amazing to hear his perspective on what he does.

    The question I have for Glen is: Is there any project, film, or piece of music that you’ve always wanted to animated but haven’t done yet? And if so what and what vision do you have for it?

    Thank you for all you do in allowing us to hear and learn from these animation greats and keep up the great work!

  14. Great interview as always. It reminded me of when I was a much younger person at Calarts listening to one of Glen’s lectures.
    It was good seeing you today. Keep up the good work!

  15. Another Question, to not only Glen, but other readers:

    What is your response to claims that Ariel’s character design and the background paintings of her grotto (especially the inclusion of ‚ÄúThe Penitent Magdalene‚Äù by Georges de la Tour) are a tribute to mary magdalene?…..

  16. It would be nice to hear about how animators get their positions of animating specific characers. Do they apply for the position of animating a character? Are they chosen by the directors to do their characters? For example, why was Andreas Deja the supervising animator of Hercules? Why not Glen Keane (LOL)? I’d really like to know. I would leave this as a voicemail question, but I already left one for Glen Keane about his ‘Adam Raccoon’ Children’s Book Series and about his year at Filmation. 🙂

  17. I would just like to add and reiterate that the podcast was a joy to listen to. As others have mentioned, it is really affirming to hear an accomplished artists such as Glen talk about the lows as well as the highs. In particular, I enjoyed hearing him describe his train of thought as he realized he could not produce quality work (or what he considered quality) in time for an encroaching deadline and the surprising actions that followed. It’s funny. The way he puts it, he makes blowing off a deadline sound like the most professional and reasonable thing. I love it. Thanks for keepin it real, Glen, and thanks Clay for making these things happen.

  18. Um… I would also like to add that while Glen makes it sound totally reasonable, I do not condone nor practice the blowing off of deadlines… of course.

  19. Everyone – Thanks for all the feedback on this one! I do read all your comments and questions. Lately I haven’t had the time to respond to each one individually. Don’t let that stop the conversation. You guys are doing great without me. Your comments all help me with future shows since they inform me on what you’re all interested in hearing. I’m so happy to know the shows are inspiring you.

  20. Clay,

    I’m really loving the Glen conversations , and also looking forward to similar ones with (I hope) Eric Goldberg and James Baxter. Still hoping you’ll put up the final segment(s) of the Nik Ranieri interview.


    David Nethery

  21. Thanks for sharing these gems with us. Interviews are great, and made greater by those who interview with good questions and research. It’s an amazing opportunity to have you interview these people. I was really happy to hear you interviewed Glen KEANE! I fall into that category of those who got into animation because of Glen. It’s great to hear his words. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing more.

  22. Clay,
    I have been listening to you since the first podcast you put up and think you have been doing a hell of a job! It’s fantastic to hear these guys telling THEIR stories and experiences, it really seems to bring the idol-status to a more human level making it feel more possible to succeed!,
    I’ve been a huge fan of animation since as far back as I can remember and Im finally living the dream in LA it’s fun.. it’s hard.. it sometimes sucks.. but I wouldnt trade it for anything.. Thanks for all the inspirational interviews .. keep up all the great work. I know we all appreciate it Immensely!


  23. another, not so serious question, just wondering…. does Glen have his hands insured….? Just for a laugh i thought i would suggest this! lol…..

  24. Thank you for this awesome service. Thanks to you, a lot of people have had the chance to get much closer animation and the some of the huge talent behind it.

  25. I am really inspired by the Glen Keane interviews. Can this be a monthly show that never ends? Thanks for this amazing effort.

  26. Resume

    Dear gentlemen ;

    There is a long time that I have been interested in Disney’s fantasy films and the process of creating them.
    So, I started to work and create such characters by drawing and it has become one of my favorite activities.
    currently, I am teaching, drawing and animation character designing techniques such as, character designing, key designing, story board designing and also theory lessons.
    I should mention that I really wish to come and visit your system and developed my potential abilities and get acquainted with the masters of this industry.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you
    Yours truly.
    Abolfazl Bayat

  27. Hi, Clay. Today I listened to part 2 of the Glen Keane interview for (I think) the third time. It’s really, really inspiring. As I was listening, I was working on the illustrations for a book…it wasn’t going well at the moment…and to hear about Glen Keane’s similar frustrations and how he solved it by going out and being inspired all over again, well, it really helped. The enthusiasm and inspiration that comes across as he talks more and more about the potential of animation and drawing…fantastic. Thank you for this and all the other interviews, and if you see Glen in the hallways of Disney, please thank him for me.


  28. David – Yes, those are all my future plans. (I hope too.)

    Macleod, Shane & Frank – I appreciate hearing that.

    Emma – It’s not a bad idea.

    Craig – Monthly? If you haven’t noticed, I’m having trouble with quarterly. Some day I won’t be so busy (please let this be true).

    Abolfazl – Welcome. By system, I hope you don’t mean solar system.

    Matt – I will keep you in mind for the next time I run in to Glen. I appreciate hearing that and I’m sure he will too.

  29. Went to a Rodin sculpture exhibition (I had seen the extras on the B&tB Dvd by glen, who mentioned rodin sculptures during the beast transformation sequence…) finally an exhibition of this artists work came to my city. It was beautiful – i couldn’t believe how much Glen managed to ‘borrow’ and be inspired by this artists work, yet making it his own work for a new generation of artists. Nearly every sculpture I could identify with a pose in B&tB – it was amazing to see the sculptures (ok, one of 15 in the world, that he may have possibly seen 🙂 ) that inspired one my favourite modern piece of art. It was amazing.

  30. I love all the podcasts. Not only the pure gold interviews, but from the start to the ending. Including the beautifully mixed opening theme and the funny Clay´s laughters during the interviews.

  31. Oh, this interview is too fantastic!!!

    I love Glen Keane’s works too much!

    I love his ART and I’m too curious to watch what he is doing with Rapunzel!

    Thank you very much Clay for this interview! I really appreciate it.

  32. I have been pouring through these podacasts over and over – there is always something I get from these podcasts and I get some learning while working as an architectural draftsman. Thanks Clay!

    Anyways, I found an Open Source video of Glen giving a lecture whikle he was working on Rescuers Down Under about his resources, etc. It’s worth a view.

    -just wanted to share since I have already received so much.


  33. This is very COOL glen keane podcast. Can you do a podcast about Ruben Aquino i want to know how he start as an animator, and how he was discover as an animator. Want to hear him because i discover that he is a Pilipino because i am a Pilipino.

    Thaks a lot for sharing the voices of animators.

  34. Assuming you still plan on coming back to a Glen Interview after a solid 3 years, here’s my question 😛

    Im sure you look at many portfolio’s and demo reels, is their a specific something you look for? And when looking at the reels and portfolio’s is their usually someone who stands out, if so why? Or is it generally very close between applicants?

  35. Great podcast. Inspiring to hear Glen talk about his passion and struggle in making art. He said it just so perfect.

    If you do another podcast with Glen, please continue talking about “sculptural gesture” and the new possibilities and challenges of using the computer. Wow..Great,

    Here’s some excerpts from the “Natural way to Draw” that I think ties into the podcast and I recommend anyone to pick up who liked this podcast.

    “The only way around the limits of preconceived notions is the physical action of the five senses. You must get in direct contact with the model” page 51

    “To be able to see the gesture, you must be able to feel it in your own body” page 15

    I just found these podcasts so what a treat for me! Hope you find some time and passion to make some more.

  36. A lot has happened in four years. I think it would be tremendously valuable if you were to ask Glen Keane for another interview. You have so much rich material to go over, especially how his role has evolved lately in the studio, particularly with Tangled. What you shared at CTN was very, very interesting and would definitely make for a great podcast here.

  37. Truly inspiring podcast. Great thoughts about the relationship between sculpture, drawing, sketches, 3d models etc.
    Thank you sooo much for making these podcast available. I really feel like I have struck gold everytime I listen to a new one.

  38. Please interview him again! Although everything he said was fascinating, I was most interested in what he was saying about sculptural drawing. I would love to hear him elaborate further and also would like to know what progress he has made in the past 5 years since this show.

    I know that CG animation has fantastic potential, and of anyone I have heard, Glen Keane has come the closest to putting some of it into words.

  39. I don’t even know how to draw. But listening to these guys, I can’t help but recognize a part of me that has been waiting all my life to blossom.

    Thank you for doing this. I really means a lot.

  40. Hey Clay,
    I’m probably one of the last people to watch this, but I’m so glad I discovered it! I’m from India and I’m a 2D animation graduate. Glen Keane has been a HUGE inspiration to me, and to a lot of my friends. It’s wonderful that you’ve taken the time and the effort to compile this and put it up. It’s so inspiration to listen to this while I’m animating. Cheers and love!
    Nikhita P.