BBC Motion Gallery widget for OSX

The BBC Motion Gallery is a fantastic resource for video reference with comprehensive categorization of all its movies. I’ve spent hours combing through the clips. If you’ve got a Mac and OSX Tiger, they’ve released a Dashboard search widget to make finding just the right clip a snap. Separate search words with spaces and it will pare down the results. I searched ‘dog fight’ and it came up with a charming clip of prairie dogs fighting. Amazing!


Here’s the download page.

Thanks to The Unnofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) for the link.

5 Comments on “BBC Motion Gallery widget for OSX

  1. So cool!! I searched for bald monkeys…and it found some!! Cheers, Clay.

  2. I could see this coming in useful for animal animation. Thanks Clay. ^-^

  3. Wow!
    Thank you, Clay! And thank you, BBC!
    This makes research so much easier! :O)

  4. DUDE!!

    I can already tell this is gonna be a HUGE refernce help for my animation. Thanks tons for this little tidbit!! And just another reason that I’m glad I’m a MAC guy!!

    Still loving the site even a year later!

    one question..when we gonna hear about how American Dog is coming along? (understanding that since it’s a couple years out, you might be under a gag order still! 🙂 )

    anyways..keep the good stuff coming!

    Thanks Clay!

  5. GREAT!!!!

    Thanks for this Clay.
    Great references for any animation needs.

    This is why AnimationPodcast is on top of the links on my browser.