Survey Results: Favorite Character

Here are your top picks for the Listener Survey question “Who is your favorite animated character?” The variety of results were amazing. There were 113 characters that each received one vote. I’ll post those here soon.

Here are the Top Ten (plenty of ties here):

10. Buzz Lightyear
10. The Iron Giant
10. Jack Skellington
10. Mike Wazowski
10. Samurai Jack
9. Ariel
9. Pinocchio
9. Roger Rabbit
9. Wile E. Coyote
8. Baloo
8. Donald Duck
8. Goofy
8. Gromit
8. Homer Simpson
7. Kuzco
7. Mickey Mouse
7. Mr. Incredible
7. Scrat
7. Sully
7. Totoro
6. Aladdin
6. The Genie
6. Shere Kahn
5. Stitch
4. Tarzan
3. Bugs Bunny
2. The Beast
1. Daffy Duck

19 Comments on “Survey Results: Favorite Character

  1. I can’t decide on a favourite animated character, hmm…I’ll check back here later if i decide on one.

  2. IMDb quoted the Official Encyclopedia of Disney by Dave Smith which claimed that the Beast’s / Prince’s name is Adam. I’d prefer “The Beast”, though.

  3. I liked Miss Bianca from ” The Rescuers” And yes Homer Simpson too.

  4. Ok, still haven’t decided…maybe Edna from The Incredibles. The way she walks makes me laugh everytime.

  5. I dont see “Speedy Gonzalez” in this list… hrmphhh 🙁
    He was my favourite. Maybe not the best animation, but an awesome character none-the-less. And he usually ended up with a big lump of cheese 🙂

  6. 1-Bugs Bunny 2-The Genie 3-The Beast…these r the best best best creation in my pov…i love those characterstic and hatsup to the creator…

  7. Go Daffy, go Daffy, go Daffy (imagine with a bad cabbage patch dance by a large middle-aged guy…)

  8. my favs are mostly females… i think for animators the female is easier to animate and is more appealing to the eye graphically due to the curves of the character, such as their hips, hair and dresses… also females in disney movies are prodominantly more developed as characters, with the exception of Aladdin, who could be seen as having the typical rags-to-riches ‘princess’ role of the movie….

    Not in any particular order:

    1. Belle – my inspiration as a young book reader… the design of this character is great… she seems to live…
    2. Ariel – great fin tale design…especially the contrast in her waist and hip area as her tail tapers (is that the right word??)out… love the hair too! We also share those dazzeling bright blue eyes…
    3. Edna Mode – my dad does the voice (and sadly, actually pretty well) and makes me laugh… i guess my only convosations with my family about animation is when he starts imiatating her…. “ohh, Daaarling”….
    4. Sleeping Beauty – i am just amazed at the designs of her hair and dress creases…. the ink work- thick and thin lines to suggest shadow- are amazing…
    5. Pocahontas – just bought the SE and am back in love with this movie all over again… love it…. especially how simple, yet accurate her clothing is…
    6. Powahaton – great animation, restricted yet emotional… his facial lines are in all the right places and the animation is subtle but realistic…
    7. Tinker bell – the part when she looks at her hips… so cute and realistic… the best character of the movie… Silence is golden in animation…. (i also like the carpet and dopey… but they arent my top 10)
    8. Mickey Mouse
    9. Bambi… the best animal animation…. he is so cute…
    10. The Beast…. probably the best animation EVER…. some times i wish i had worked on this movie…. that i lived in america and worked for disney in the 80-90’s…. i have seen that movie so many times… i kinda feel (like every other disney fan 🙂 ) that i actually own it…. im kinda prodtective over it and my DVD…. if some one says something offensive to ‘my’ beast or belle… i have to explain to them all my knowlege on the film (usually a couple of hours)…. and make them see and change their mind about the film so they see how good this movie actually is… 🙂

  9. though i love all silvester and leghor foghorn also but daffy duck has always been my favourite.

  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. It was great to get the info on the survey, but I’m finding this more interesting – the WHY you like them.

  11. I don’t know if I can put my favorites in order, because I like them for different reasons, but I can add a “why” to them 🙂
    *Dory- Definitely my favorite for the personality of the character and dialogue, so very funny. (and it’s amazing how they were successful with the blue and orange fish on a blue background)
    *Mike Wazowski-Also has a great upbeat and hilarious personality “look I’m on a commercial!” ….oh and I really like the fur on Sulley
    *Bullseye- (really any of the Toy Story characters) but I picked bullseye cause I love the expressions, texturing, and design..I’ve tried looking for the most accurate transfer of him to an actual toy but I haven’t found it yet (my bullseye has plush feet and saddle same with my Woody doll)
    *Edna and Mirage- both are wonderfully designed…I love everything about Edna voice, personality, design…..and then Mirage is just a wonderful character design and also her voice fits her so well and she stands up to Syndrome at the end 🙂
    *Mater- Coolest character in Cars….hilarious and genuine “Ta not to”
    *Heimlich (bugs life)- By far the best character in that movie “look I’m a beautiful butterfly and from way up here you all look like little tiny ants!”
    *oh I almost forgot Geri- I loved that guy….and his glasses in Toy Story 2 before working on Woody, and who can forget him playing chess with himself lol 🙂
    —————-alright I’ll leave it at that for Pixar characters (I love em all)————
    —————————those are just my top picks———————————–
    *Mickey and Minnie Mouse of course- I had cakes shaped like them for two of my birthdays when I was little, I also had them on a playground ball, and a hat/clothes, and I also had the Minnie Mouse sleeping bag! Gotta love the classics 🙂 (although as far as personalities I liked Goofy and Donald Duck the most, they were more interesting)
    *Genie- All around terrific character, probably my favorite out of the Disney’s Classics
    *Gus Gus (mouse in Cinderella)- I’ve always loved that little guy
    *Dopey- Terrific! Design, personality, expressions, everything!
    *Tarzan and the Beast- for their amazing designs
    *Belle- is also my pick for my favorite Disney princess (even though back in the day Jasmine was my favorite) I can’t really put my finger on why Belle is my favorite, but…..well, maybe because she doesn’t get swept up by prince charming in the same fashion as the other princesses (which would also explain my like for Jasmine as well)
    *Rodney Copperbottom- only because I can relate to growing up with a dream and trying your hardest to pursue it, his was to be an inventor…and mine to be an animator (the scene at the train station where he’s about to go to the big city is the part I relate the most though)
    *Hogarth- I love the animation on this kid!
    Well, I better stop my list there….that’s far more then I intended to post….funny thing is though I could easily rattle off some more.

  12. shoot I forgot Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner- I loved their segment the best out of all the Saturday Morning Cartoons “beep beep”

  13. on pixar… Mirage is just way to skinny… i think the character would have worked having a bit more flesh on her… (i know they are drawing a comparison to the mum and her worries about her weight and appearances… but still…:( )

    I love the character of cinderella too… i was suprised at how much lower in pitch her voice is compared to Snow White… so much better in design and character development…

  14. i just love popeye “the muscle guy ” ….whenever he eats spinach i just feel funny …..sounds crazy??? may be because i am a new user….it’s mainly because of excitement….ha haa….

  15. Actually its really hard to decide …

    I would have to choose , i would pick

    1. Remmy and 2. Rhino (the hamster from Bolt)

    I love Remmy , because he has so much Passion about cooking .. It really flows from his every action .. When he talks about cooking, when he thinks about cooking , and when he is cooking..

    In he is not just a smart Rat , who knows how to cook , actually he is a Cook..

    And Rhino, he doesnt know impossible, and so much energetic , and he has this energy around him ,we can feel it .. and because of Plastic ball and small feet , standing is on two legs and walking on four, makes him challenging character for animate ..

    I really would love to animate him…

  16. All time favorite is Disney’s Jiminy Cricket! Loved the 1950’s educational films. Not sure why, it’s probably how they looked that was so cool to me.