Disney Family Albums

Amid mentioned this on Cartoon Brew on Sunday, but listener Jeff Zirky doesn’t want anyone to miss it and I think he’s right. The Disney Family Albums aired on the Disney Channel in the ’80s and unless you taped them then, they are hard to find. Not any more, thanks to the wonder that is YouTube. Here’s what Jeff had to say:

If you click on the link below, you will find 3 of the Disney Family Albums. Frank Thomas, Marc Davis, and Ward Kimble Video interviews, in parts. This is not just inspirational, but a great sorce for learning. For example Frank talks about how he took the difficulty he had in life, and put it into his scenes. This is a great tool for creating charater.(Reminded me of your Nick Ranieri interview when he talkes about his scene in Rescuers.) I hope you share this with all of your listeners.

Check them out while they last.
Here’s the link.

Thanks Jeff!

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  1. I don’t suppose there’s any way to save these videos to my computer. Would be nice to save and revisit. Oh well. Hopefully, these will stay up on YouTube for a bit. Thanks, Jeff, for the link. These are terrific.

  2. There is a way to save’m.


    There’s also a Firefox extension that does the same thing, but faster. It basically saves them in a .flv format (you can use it on other sites such as Google Video too), which you can then watch with an FLV Player:


    I personally use the martijn de visser one, cause you can download that as a program too, instead of as a website plugin. Maybe some others have that option too, but I’m not sure. Have fun!

    – Benjamin

  3. I was hoping someone would have a solution! Thanks, Benjamin. I’ll look into these options.

  4. That FLV player is nice if you have a PC, but you can’t use it if you have a Mac. I found a flv player for Mac users– you can check it out on my blog.

  5. Last week I was introduced to a site, youtubex.com and you can download the files off YouTube!

    You could then download a video converter called Total Video Converter to change the FLV file to any format. I put most of the stuff I find from YouTube onto my iPod!

    The program is a 15 day trial but you can download the full running cracked program off ISOHUNT.


    On my blog I posted up a link to The Making of Jungle Book. Please feel free to check it out if your interested. =D

  6. Wow, glad to see these are making the rounds.

    I posted these up a while back – the only one I have that I wasn’t able to get up was the one on Milt Kahl. Glad everyone likes these as much as I did!

  7. Druie – Cool.

    Alan – Glad you mention it. It reminds me to tell everyone to swing by your site and check out your unending parade of animation posts. Great stuff!

  8. It’s cool that these are now available. So amazing how with net video there are so many ways to see older tv shows and such. It really gives you more of a feeling of what goes into making these productions.