A worthy cause

UPDATE: TOTAL RAISED $500Skip to the end of this post for the final update.

In September, I’ll be participating in the 2006 Nautica Malibu Triathlon to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. As part of a relay team, I’ll swim a half mile in the ocean and then hand it off to my teammates who will bike and run to the finish. In honor of the movie Cars, we’ve named our team the Tri Tractor Tippers. Say that three time fast.

It is for charity and I would really appreciate your support. I know that a great bunch of people listen to this show and if just a small percent of the audience donates any amount, no matter how big or small, it will be easy to reach my goal of raising $300. All donations are tax-deductable. I already feel good knowing The Animation Podcast may help bring something positive to this cause.

Click here to go my donation page and see how much we’ve raised.

If I survive the swim this year, next year I may do the whole triathlon myself!

Whether you decide to donate or not, thanks for listening and thanks for your support!


The mission of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation is “to create a future of hope for children and families worldwide by eradicating pediatric AIDS, providing care and treatment to people with HIV/AIDS, and accelerating the discovery of new treatments for other serious and life-threatening pediatric illnesses.” A non-profit organization, the Foundation received an ‘A’ rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy.

If you would like to learn more about the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, click the image below.
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation

I did the 1/2 mile swim yesterday in 14:00 minutes. I was hoping to come in under 15 so I’m happy. My team finished 53rd out of 147 relays and I’m happy about that too. What’s the best spin on that? We were fourth in the second third of teams – okay that’s a stretch, but we didn’t come in last!

Anyhow, HUGE thanks to everyone who donated. All the donations were given by listeners of the show and then I threw in some to make it an even $500. You guys rock! I am truly thankful for your generosity and support. It goes to a great cause. Now that that’s over, I need to get to making more shows for you, but first I need to get a massage.

10 Comments on “A worthy cause

  1. Hey Clay,
    How does one from Canada donate?
    Let me know. I’d love to help you out with this great cause.

  2. Hi James, I’m not sure if location matters. They take the major credit cards on the donation page. It’s a very simple transaction. Thanks for asking!

  3. Hey Clay, you know I would help but..uhh..I don’t have a credit card..and my elders, well…let’s just say, I wouldn’t be able to help you on this one. Sorry, but I can at least pray for a successful turnout! Good luck!

  4. Paul – thanks for the nice comment!

    Wow, I woke up this morning and saw $55 had already been donated. Way to go guys and gals! I’m so thankful.

  5. Hey Clay!

    I see the 300 still hasn’t been reached! I’d want to help out, but I’m in the exact same position as Paul. No creditcard and parents that wouldn’t exactly be thrilled about it. I was in NY last week, my first trip by myself, and I was glad when I could finally put my change into charity boxes in stores or give it to saxophone players or whatever on the street.

    Anywho, maybe it’d be a good idea to make a new post about this? People that may be interested but have forgotten all about it might get it in their rss feed readers and donate.

    Just a thought 🙂

  6. Hi Benjamin and Paul.
    Two of my best supporters! Thanks for the idea. It’s a good one but I don’t want to take over the site with the fundraiser when I should really be getting more shows out. I’m actually very happy with the donations people have made so far and I’ll be thanking them on an upcoming show. I get enough visitors to the site every day to make me think that those who are interested in donating already have. I’m honored to have such support, even from those who can’t contribute.

  7. Clay, I put you over the $400 mark. I hope you get some more.
    I’ve really enjoyed the podcasts so far and wait anxiously for new ones. Thanks for your efforts.

  8. Thanks so much David! I’ve wanted to thank everyone by name on the show, but I’m not sure how comfortable people are with that. For now, just know you have my gratitude!