Want to go shopping?

In case your favorite charity is yourself, I’ve added a link in the sidebar for some of my animation recommendations at Amazon. At this point they only provide space for me to choose nine items, but trust me, they’re all worth owning. There are also links on that page to browse through suggestions (Amazon’s, not mine) for different animation related books, DVDs, music, and software. A fun thing they provide is Listmania where other Amazon customers make related lists of their favorite things. I considered that the page might be a big annoying Amazon ad (which I don’t want cluttering the site), but I’ve actually found it to be a nice way to browse for stuff I didn’t even know I wanted. Ooh, they’re crafty, those Amazonians.

Plus, if you purchase through that page, Amazon throws some change my way so we all feel good.

Something I’ve been meaning to post about is Walt’s People Volume 3 by Didier Ghez. Please support Didier in continuing this important series by purchasing a copy of any of these volumes. You can find it on the first page of the “Store.”

Also, don’t wait to visit Didier’s new blog Disney History.

6 Comments on “Want to go shopping?

  1. Ohhh….bad timing, I just received my $25 Amazon coupon in the mail today. But in an overexcited state I rush in and bought a load of stuff before I visit your Blog. I guess it is a bit amusing that ‚ÄúAnimator’s Survival Kit‚Äù and ‚ÄúChuck Amuck‚Äù were next in queue. So I guess I‚Äôll be buying stuff from your list couple of month from now.

    Oh Clay? I always wonder what your subscriber read for reference. Do you think you would ask others what they read (for reference/inspiration) in the future?

  2. Hey Clay,

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a third part to the Glen Keane interview? I was really looking forward to that.

    I really love the show, so keep up the good work. And good luck on the trialathon!

  3. J.W. – No worries. I’m not in this to make money, I just thought it was a good way to recommend some stuff. 🙂 You made some good purchases. Enjoy!
    That’s a good question. I’ll ask on a future show.

    Avri – You’re right, but we haven’t recorded it yet. We’re both so busy! Go to the voicemail page and record a question for Glen if you have one. Thanks for commenting, and I’ll do me best on the swim.

  4. Thanks for the reminder about Walt’s People. It had accidentally dropped off my radar before now.

    Also it doesn’t look like Amazon Prime plays nicely with this kind of “integrated” shopping experience. I linked off to the full Amazon site to make the purchase, so hopefully you’ll still get a small referral that way.

    Burny Mattinson part 2 was excellent as usual. Great work!

  5. Hey I’m reading Chuck Amuck right now! I luckily found “chuck amuck” at the library since my pocketbook cant handle any expenses 🙂 It’s quite amusing and I love the pictures sketched into the margins. Thanks for the book suggestions (Dieder Ghez wouldn’t have been a person I’d a run across myself just randomly as no bookstore here carries interesting animation books. Believe you me I was excited just to find Cartoon Modern at the borders here to look at…and even more surprised to have found Chuck Jones at the library!)

    Good luck with the run!

    And the Burny Mattinson part 2 was excellent…

  6. Manton – I did get a credit for a Walt’s People Vol. 1 purchase so maybe that was you. Good for you, good for me, and good for Didier! Thanks.

    Kristine – Chuck Amuck is a treasure that I’m not sure many people look through often enough. There are some truly beautiful drawings in there that make you realize how much Jones influenced the shorts as the director. I don’t care how you get these books as long as you’re finding them! Good for you. And the run was on the 17th (it was really a swim and it went great). Read the update on the post ‘A Worthy Cause’ for the results.