Brad Bird on the Splinecast!

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  1. It’s a fantastic interview… some really great insights and interesting opinions. And how are you doing, Clay? Any news on when we might be able to expect a new Animation Podcast?

  2. At least SOMEONE is putting out animation shows! Hehe. Thanks for the heads-up, as my iTunes changed SplineCast feed links on me without warning so I didn’t know that interview (nor the one with Nate Stanton) existed. But these new shows from SC doesn’t mean I’m any less anticipating your triumpant return, Clay! (…interview Chris Sanders…Chris Sanders…Chris Sanders…)

  3. Yea, I hear about it at Cartoon Brew. Sweet, can’t wait to get home!!

  4. Hi Clay, thanks for the link. I’ve added it to my list of favorite podcasts.

    I hope all is well & Happy Presidents’ Day.

  5. Cool. Great to hear his views, he’s definitly got some passionate ones ๐Ÿ˜› Though I seem to like your interviews better Clay–they seem more natural,less about “ANIMATION” and more personal.

  6. I thought the idea was to hear about the animation! When you listen to the old podcasts even the Nine old men freaked when the realized they had not set up a legacy. I think that is how we should view these priceless nuggets as just that the next step in evolving/maintaining the art form. You would be very hard pressed to find someone who is as passionate about animation as Brad.

  7. if you get chris sanders – get him to do the intro as stitch… ๐Ÿ˜‰ – priceless…

  8. I can just agree with some of the previos posters: Chris Sanders is #1 on my wish list for new Animation Podcast episodes. Hope you will find the time to continue doing them!

  9. apparently (jimhillmedia… probably 50% reliable ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) they are going to let Chris Sanders go and are completely changing the look and story of ‘American Dog’… lasseter was not that pleased with Lilo and Stitch according to the website….

  10. EDIT: Chris Sanders has Left the house of mouse… ๐Ÿ™

  11. Yay clay. make more shows. wooooOOOooo. I tatooed TAP on my jugular. It’s sick, all the ladies think I’m a rocker now.


  12. funniest part, top five things, story, story, story, story and storytelling, and then he kept saying story and storytelling while adam burke was trying to ask something, this guy, brad, is a performer

  13. I used to think that Brad Bird was pretty good and had an open mind about animation (ie. the Cinderella roundtable on the dvd)… but after hearing his comments about Glen Keanes ‘sculptural drawings’ and the disney animated films in general i am appalled at this.

    “no body cares about that” – that is an awful comment… I like other artists do care… sure the parents may not drag the kids along to see the ‘sculptural drawings’ but is that all Brad Bird thinks about…. the box office!

    How can Bird critisise movies that helped to build Toy Story and the foundation of Pixar… would Toy Story have been made before 1995 if the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast didn’t work…. no…

    And don’t get me started on story and being surprising… will Pixar ever not make a ‘buddy’ movie… or a zero to hero story… or a father discovering something about his family story…

    talking animals… sure disney did make the animals talk in one of the most successful animated films of all time… but so did Pixar in Finding Nemo… and just think of who bet Pixar out at the Oscars this year… talking Penguins… I guess Pixar goes against the grain and instead has talking Monsters, toys and Cars… mmm…

    Untill a Pixar movie gets nominated for a best picture … I’m not listening…

  14. Hi Emma, I wonder if you’re either really young, or you just don’t get out much. I think you may be taking Brad Bird’s comments the wrong way. THe impression I got was he REALLY loves and cares about Disney movies. And about sculptural drawings, maybe he was comparing Glen Keane’s research and process of animating the Beast’s transformation to the overall process of developing a solid story. I dunno.

    Where did he EVER say anything about caring only about the box office? And about Iron Giant…the marketing is something the director SHOULD care about anyways! That movie should have made more money!!! But you should appreciate that he cares so much about quality as well.

    And finally…Happy Feet beating Pixar?!?!?!?!?! Give me a f#@$%ing BREAK!!! The Oscars don’t always give the award to the deserving picture or person! THis was a perfect example! CARS SHOULD HAVE WON!!!

    Happy Feet was OK to watch. But those furry things had NO character, and the only thing appealing to me was the cute babies. At least Cars had heart and a solid solid story, and a beginning middle and end! It wasn’t for everybody, but it was overall a great movie, and SUPERBLY animated! I don’t know…Happy Feet just didn’t feel it was animated by character animators.

    And Animated movies can’t be nominated for best picture anymore cuz they created a new category just for animated films. If it wasn’t, then I bet Nemo and Incredibles and many others coulda done what Beauty and the Beast did, but we’ll never know.

  15. Any movie can be nominated for best picture as long as it is over 60 minutes long and is not a documentary… its just that none of them cut it!

    I haven’t yet seen HAPPY FEET… however my point is that Pixar are just like every other studio… out to make a few more billion than last year… yet for some reason people put them on the highest shelf… they are the same as every other studio…

    my point is, that for bird to critisise disney’s use of a formula is hypocritical… i mean, wasn’t FINDING NEMO a formula driven plot… and let us not foget the whole talking animals thing…. MONSTERS INC. basically a rehashing of the idea behind TOY STORY…

    anyway… i am not young… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Ok, Emma, so you must not get out much. JK.

    Well, I dunno…their movies are films made by people who are pushing the envelope for entertainment, not for money. BUT, in that process, DUH, yeah you’re gonna make money…

    I’m no film expert by far, but I love films. And I don’t think Brad Bird is criticizing disney at all; maybe it’s the attention to quality in ALL movies these days he is talking about. Anyways, maybe don’t talk $#!% if he’s not here to reply back? You’re calling him hypocritical when he didn’t even write or direct Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., or Toy Story.

    But Nemo was extremely original! There’s always going to be an influence to a filmmaker, but it seems at Pixar, what they do with that influence is what’s cool. They don’t rip or bite, they create.

    Monsters Inc. to me was not a rehashing of Toy Story. I thought Toy Story was about how a toy would feel if they were replaced by a better, newer toy. And that’s freakin awesome. And I thought Monsters, Inc. was when a monster, whose ironic job is to scare kids when he in fact is scared of the kids, learns to care about and love a kid. I think it’s nice to think about that part of the movie, not about who or what is able to talk or not. If the story called for all monsters or fish or toys to not talk, they probably would have done it. But I think there’s always a great reason for Pixar doing it the way they’ve done it. A lot better than all the other movies coming out these days.

    Do you not like Pixar movies? What’s wrong with you?

    Love, Terry.

  17. “Anyways, maybe donโ€šร„รดt talk $#!% if heโ€šร„รดs not here to reply back?” – I am Brad Bird… ๐Ÿ˜‰ … lol… no seriously… he’s an animation ‘celebrity’… Britney Spears and Michael Jackson have to deal with this stuff every day… I’m sure someone on the other side of the world writing a little bit of $%*# about him aint going to bruise his ego… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Youโ€šร„รดre calling him hypocritical when he didnโ€šร„รดt even write or direct Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., or Toy Story.” – I know he didn’t direct/write those movies, however, he seems to be able to think he can sum up over 70 years of disney movies with the talking animals and ‘I Want Song’ statements…. what about summing up the over 12 years of Pixar Feature Films. mmmm… what do you call the song the cowgirl ‘sang’ (ok.. off screen singing, but still…) or the talking fish… that is what i mean by hypocritical… if you are going to go and demean another companies (ok… seperate section of the company) work, then at least make sure that the company you work for hasn’t done the same thing also… It is like Coca-Cola having a go at Pepsi for putting sugar in their drinks… they both do it!