Show 018 – Burny Mattinson, Part Three

Burny Mattinson, Part Three

In part three, Burny Mattinson continues the conversation on his amazing career, from Mickey’s Christmas Carol, to the arrival of the Eisner era, through storyboarding on Beauty and The Beast. Burny has worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios for close to 55 years as an animator, story artist, director, and producer.


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  • 0:00:00: The Intro Voice
  • 0:00:05: Welcome & Intro
  • 0:00:52: Mark Henn on Mickey’s Christmas Carol (MCC) [Amazon LINK]
  • 0:02:27: Directing MCC
  • 0:03:18: Producing MCC & lessons from Woolie [Disney Legends Bio LINK]
  • 0:05:11: Strike mid-production
  • 0:06:04: Starting on Great Mouse Detective [Amazon LINK]
  • 0:08:02: Ron & John’s initial sensibilities
  • 0:08:46: Becoming producer, Ron becomes director
  • 0:09:41: New regime in the 80s [Eisner at Wikipedia] [Katzenberg at Wikipedia]
  • 0:13:43: Great Mouse and Black Cauldron [Amazon LINK]
  • 0:08:02: Ron & John’s initial sensibilities
  • 0:14:57: First use of computers
  • 0:16:26: Stabbing Great Mouse in the back
  • 0:19:35: Oliver & Company [Amazon LINK]
  • 0:08:02: Ron & John’s initial sensibilities
  • 0:24:34: Heading up shorts in Florida, The Bee Concert
  • 0:28:55: Mickey at the Academy Awards [ LINK]
  • 0:32:55: Project marrying 2d to 3-D environment
  • 0:34:49: Beauty and The Beast [Amazon LINK]
  • 0:08:02: Ron & John’s initial sensibilities
  • 0:39:29: Joe Grant on Beauty and The Beast [Disney Legends Bio LINK]
  • 0:41:50: Boarding “Kill the Beast”
  • 0:42:39: Conclusion of Part 3
  • 0:42:49: Feedback info
  • 0:43:32: Voice messages [LINK]
  • 0:50:43: Closing

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  1. sweet, once again a nice show! keep up the good work Clay:)

  2. Thanks, Clay. I can’t wait to listen to this. I’ve been checking the site just about every day or so since the last release. Lovely, quality stuff. I truly appreciate your efforts.

  3. Great show Clay! Too bad you had to tease us at the end by saying the next show is the best one yet 😉

    Hope to see those progress bars refreshed and filling up again soon.

    Keep it up, we greatly appreciate all you’re doing.

  4. hey clay,
    great podcast! i don’t know if you or the listener who mentioned richard williams have ever used his name as a youtube seach but there is a ton of great videos there. lots of the old commercials he did, a fan reconstruction of his unfinished masterpiece “the thief and the cobbler”, and my personal favourite (which includes lengthy interviews) “the thief who never gave up” special, with the first part located here:


  5. HOORAYYYYY!!! 🙂

    Thanks Clay, I’m sure it’s worth the wait!… Gonna go
    jump RIGHT in!… so psyched!…

  6. Thank you Clay!!! Can’t wait to listen to this

  7. HALLELUJAH!!! Words cannot express how excited I was this morning to see the return of our might Clay and his podcast. And he came armed with Part 3 of Burny Mattinson! Thank you Clay, this show is wonderful. I literally listened to it a half dozen times already today. (Do you have any idea how much I’ve been looking forward to a new podcast?? I have all the others practically memorized now!)

    You’e awesome Clay, thank you so much again, and I can’t for Part 4 with Burny!

  8. Hooray for pod cast.
    Clay, could you find some way to make your pod cast into a human girl so I could aske her out on a date?


  9. Mads, Ben, Matt, Chris C., Dagan, K.Borcz, Sahne – I humbly thank thee.

    Chris B. – I wasn’t teasing, I was just – well, I guess it was kind of teasing. We’ll see how you feel. I just like it because we talk about storyboarding some more. On the day of release they will be full, but you’ve reminded me to keep those progress bars up to date.

    Ken – That’s some awesome info. I had been wondering for a while where I could find some of Williams’ commercials. Now I slap my forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Rob – That’s great to hear. It clocks in at 51 minutes! Six times already?! I’m glad people are getting multiple listens out of them. I have a hard time going back to listen once I’m done. By the time it’s released, I’ve probably heard them at least seven or eight times.

    Andy – Ha Ha, that’s pretty funny. ***someone call the police***

  10. Hi Clay. Thanks for another great podcast. You’re doing a fantastic job here and I’m always inspired by listening to these interviews.

  11. Outstanding job as usual Clay! Burny is fascinating. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to do this for everyone. Time isn’t free but what you have given us is invaluable. So, thank you again. It can’t be said enough.

  12. Hey Clay,

    So good to have your podcast back!

    Great memories stirred up by Burny. I remember chatting with him at the premiere of “Basil of Baker Street.” (hate that other title) I knew then that Disney animation was on it’s way back. And, all those kids who worked with Burny back then. Boy, they sure went on to accomplish a few things in the animation business, didn’t they?

    Once again, I know this is hard work. Especially when you have a day job. Thanks so much from all of us out here for the great job you’re doing. We sure appreciate it.

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH! would of been nice to have during the school year though.


  14. Just wanted to chime in and say thank you for all the effort you’re putting into making these!

  15. We outta do a petition to let Disney know “Basil of Baker Street” needs to be reinstated. And who knows, there’s always hope for “Plight of the Bumble Bee.” ^_-

    Great to have you back. I almost removed you out of my iTunes directory and lost interest before yesterday.

  16. Oh how wonderful! I cannot wait to hear this!! Thank you so much.

  17. awesome job as always Clay. but please don’t let us wait another 5 months for the next show. stay up all night if you have to but produce them faster!


    p.s. just kidding of course, we’re greatful to you no matter how long you take.

    p.p.s. but of course, we’ll be even MORE greatful if you could work faster.

  18. Great to have you back on my ipod clay! 🙂

  19. Even your Mom is happy that you released a new installment with Mr. Mattinson. I know how hard you work and how little you sleep, so this one is really appreciated!

  20. 🙂 oh my gosh, that is so cute!
    lol… hi Clay’s mum!

  21. I discover today this beautiful website!

    Very very interesting!!!

    Thank you very much, Clay!

  22. Hey Clay!!! I loved this latest interview! Great questions! Great quality!!!!
    Who’s next? I can’t wait!

  23. Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t comment here yet! Ungrateful me 😉

    Once again, wonderful podcast. Burny’s a name you don’t hear that often, but really has some amazing experiences to share. And you can sense his excitement in his voice still. Can’t wait for the next, and apparently best part!

    Oh, and I’ve been loving “Manwatching”! What a great book… Apparently my dad already had the Dutch version too, along with some other Desmond Morris books, from back in his college years. To think I looked for it in libraries a couple of years back. But thanks anyway!

    Take care
    – Benjamin