Sloooow dancing reference?

Here’s a little something that may be of interest to animation types who like motion analysis. David Michalek films actions in super high speed (at 1,000 frames per second) and then uses computer interpolation to slow it down even more – like 5 seconds plays in ten minutes. Click the image for a sample. That’s the only clip I found online. In this clip, check out how the feet react when they push off and land back on the floor. Subtle, but cool to see.

Slow jumpHe’s had an exhibition in New York and if you’re in L.A. from September 17 through 26 you can see the outdoors show for free at the Music Center of Los Angeles. (Click here for details.)

If you’re wondering about the process, here’s a page on the Apple site describing it. There’s also an article on

If you look at the Performers page of his site, you’ll see that the show promises to include some very interesting clips to watch. This one may just be too interesting to pass up.

5 Comments on “Sloooow dancing reference?

  1. Happy Columbus Day, Clay.

    You know, I saw nobody with comments about the slow dance reference, so, I thought about giving it a comment. This reference calls back the old days when the Disney guys used live action reference in “Sleeping Beauty”, “Peter Pan” and “Cinderella”, as Burny had described it.

    P.S. on two things
    1.Have you seen an animated movie called “The Magic Voyage”. It’s about Columbus sailing to America with a “woodworm” named Pico and a bunch of animals to battle an evil Swarm Lord, save a beauttiful firefly and discover the New World. It’s from Hemdale Pictures, which was a old-busted-up studio.
    2. Have you heard that Hshiro Osaki has passed away. I feel very sorry. R.I.P., Mr. Osaki.

  2. Hey CLay, been so busy wid skool n wat not that im now gettin time to check your site. Gotta listen to ur updates and btw ANIMATION ROCKS!

  3. OMG Clay. That is some stunning footage. Thanks so much for posting that. I was blown away by the supporting foot as it contacte dthe ground on its way down. simply amazing.

  4. Happy Halloween, Clay!

    Hey, I got dressed for Halloween and trick-or-treated one last time, as a superhero I invented called “The Italian Stallion”. I was thinking about making a short out of it in the future. Please hurry with the interview. We can’t wait for the next guest.

    P.S.: Not only I’m a huge fan of your show, but a fan of Avi Melman’s voiceover podcast. I heard on an interview with Richard Horvitz (who played Daggett on “Angry Beavers) that he said Mitch Schauer, the creator of Angry Beavers, is one of the best TV show creators ever. So, I was thinking, for a wish for Mr. Horvitz, if you could interview him. It would delight us Angry Beaver fans. Thanks!