Sandro Cleuzo has a blog

Fantastic animator Sandro Cleuzo sent me an email this week to tell me about the blog he has started. Only six posts in and it’s all great stuff. I can’t wait for more. He’s including some background of the images in each post, which will be of interest to those who like to learn about production work that never made it to the screen.

Sandro easily fits in my top ten of working traditional animators – if you think the drawings are beautiful, you should him move them on screen. I had the pleasure of watching him work on The Emperor’s New Groove, Sweating Bullets/Home on the Range, and The Princess and the Frog. Check him out:

Inspector Cleuzo

Copyright Sandro Cleuzo

Copyright Sandro Cleuzo

7 Comments on “Sandro Cleuzo has a blog

  1. Wow! I checked out! These designs are BEAUTIFUL! I wished that Mata would’ve been in “Emperor’s New Groove”. She’s hot. I wish that there were interviews with guys like Sandro who worked for Don Bluth. Ken Duncan talked a little about it. Keep up the good work, Sandro!

  2. Dan, I have bugged Sandro a few times about being on the show. The next time he’s back in the California, I’ll nab him!

  3. I bookmarked the blog. Love these drawings! The pirate one is really cool especially. Very appealing.

    Looking forward to the next podcast btw!

    “very original ,never saw this kind of design before.Great.”

    If you are who I am certain you are… methinks you are being sarcastic.

  4. Thank you for sharing that link. Amazing work there, I love his designs and character work! Would be really great to listen to him talking about his work and thoughts.