Show 31* – Disney Talent Development Alumni (*Animation Mentor Exclusive)

Disney Training Program

“You learn everything from every production that you’re on, even if it’s, you know, a commercial that lasts three weeks. You learn something from it.”

It’s finally here – my exclusive podcast for Animation Mentor! It marks a few firsts: my first podcast in over a year; my first roundtable with five guests; my first women guests! Since this is an exclusive, you’ll need to head over to Animation Mentor to listen and download the show. My focus for this show was to grab five artists at Disney who recently went through the Talent Development Program at Disney and talk about how they got there and what it’s like to work at the studio. My guests include Story Artist Jeremy Spears, Visual Development Artist Lorelay Bove, Rough Inbetweener/Jack of all Trades Joe Pitt, 2D Animator Sarah Airriess, and CG Animator (and Animation Mentor alumni) Kira Lehtomaki. Please leave your comments and feedback on this this post. I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for letting me know. I’ll get up a copy on my server for you next week and post a comment here when I do.

  2. Hello, I was commenting to see if fellow listeners and Clay had any suggestions on how to improve my animations in 3D applications. I feel that I really understand animation and I have a very visual mind but when I create the product it doesn’t come out how I have seen it in my head.

    I have recently graduated college and want to make my way into an animation studio to start working on my career as an animator in order to follow my dream of becoming a Pixar animator.

    Any help would be great guys 🙂