Andreas Deja

It’s here, it’s here! Over a month of preparation finally pays off and I’m so happy to present the first show featuring superstar animator Andreas Deja. In part one Andreas takes us through his discovery of animation from a small town in Germany to the Disney Animation building in Burbank.

Check back for part two to hear more about Eric Larson, Tim Burton, and The Black Cauldron.

EDIT FOR CLARITY: Some people took the preceding sentence to be a list of future interviews. I assure you that Eric Larson will not be talking to anyone anytime soon. These are topics that Andreas talks about in Show 2.

Get it here: Show 1: Andreas Deja, Part One
Animation Podcast Show 1 MP3

(13.2MB, 19:12 minutes)

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My wife and I tested all the new tools on Sunday night and it worked great! I would post our conversation but it just barely touched on animation. She’s got a great voice. I’m sure I can get her to be part of the show sometime. Maybe she’ll interview me when I’ve run out of people to talk to. Now there’s nothing holding back the show. Interview #1 should happen this week and I’ll probably try to post it the same night. If you’ve found this site through a podcast directory, please don’t dump my feed because all I had in it was the theme song. The content is almost here. Take care everybody.

Just got some mics and other fun stuff delivered. I’ll be testing the new audio gear this weekend and as long as there’s no snags, I’ll be good to go! We still have to wait about a week probably, but I’m getting going as fast as I’m able. (I say ‘we’ because I really want to hear it too!) I’m also waiting on a theme song from my guest DJ since I have no idea how to do any of that. You can hear my feeble attempt with the flash player in the sidebar as long as it is still linking to that old file. The mystery man, “DJ Sweettooth,” is much better at music than I am.

UPDATE May 1, 2005: Now that the first podcast is done, the player will always play the latest show.

I think you’ll be excited by who I’ve been asking to participate. It should be pretty cool. If I was still in animation school, I’d be geeking out. Hell, I’m still geeking out. It’s going to be fun. I’m just a little scared at the bandwidth hit I’m going to take. If you find that the site goes down over the next week, it may be because I’m switching hosts in aticipation of that hit. No big deal though, it’ll be back.

Apr 19 2005

Thanks for visiting.

I’m still getting everything in line, so to the people who keep checking back and those new visitors, I want to let you know that I won’t have any audio at least for another week. I may be testing the Feed with some sample audio, but I can’t promise that to be too exciting. Don’t lose faith though, The Animation Podcast IS coming soon! Thanks again.

It’s all coming together now, and hopefully soon I’ll have some audio to share. If you want, add the feed at the bottom of this page to your newsreader so that you won’t miss any news. You can read a bit about the site here.