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Long time no hear

First I want to welcome any visitors who have recently found the site. And for those of you waiting patiently (as far as I can tell) for the next show, thanks for hanging in there. All this time and no posts or shows and I’m just here to say life’s been busy. Funny how getting […]

RSS is the way to go

Once again, Jim at Seward Street is absolutely right. The best way to stay up to date and not blow your morning jumping from webpage to webpage is to use the power of RSS to bring all the new posts to you. I know there’s a huge number of you who visit my site every […]

Love is a two-way street

All right, with a new month, Podcast Alley has reset the votes so it’s time to give a little love back to The Animation Podcast. I’ve decided not to take time during the shows to ask you to vote, but there’s no shame in my game so you’ll be seeing this humble reminder once a […]

I’m not the only one!

Some other animation podcasts have come and gone (hopefully they’ll come back again) and I’ve been waiting for someone else to show up on the scene. Hey, I need something to listen to too. If you’re into internet based animation, Shayne at EYEeffex Media has created The Eye On Animation podcast. In his first show […]