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I have a letter at The Animator Letters Project

I have a letter at The Animator Letters Project

Yesterday I found an old notebook with a letter to myself that I never intended to share with anyone. It was written 13 years ago in 2000. It’s about me finding my process of hand-drawn animation – a collection of things I was finding to be true along my way and some pumped up advice [...]

@Animpodcast on Twitter and #Animtip Tuesdays

@Animpodcast on Twitter and #Animtip Tuesdays

I’ve been sorely absent from this site for a large part of the last year, but I haven’t dropped off the hairy back of the internet. Pinched with little time to spare, I’ve fallen for the ease and short form of the tweet. I make a point not to tweet my life, so you won’t [...]

Sandro Cleuzo has a blog

Sandro Cleuzo has a blog

Fantastic animator Sandro Cleuzo sent me an email this week to tell me about the blog he has started. Only six posts in and it’s all great stuff. I can’t wait for more. He’s including some background of the images in each post, which will be of interest to those who like to learn about [...]

Stuart Ng sketchbook printing tips

Stuart Ng always has a must-see booth at the Comicon filled with domestic and import sketchbooks and art books. His website has been redesigned and I noticed a pretty useful page filled with tips on making and selling your own artist sketchbooks. The tips are not about HOW to draw the pretty pictures – that’s [...]

Sloooow dancing reference?

Here’s a little something that may be of interest to animation types who like motion analysis. David Michalek films actions in super high speed (at 1,000 frames per second) and then uses computer interpolation to slow it down even more – like 5 seconds plays in ten minutes. Click the image for a sample. That’s [...]

One of a kind Glen Keane skateboard deck

This seems like just the thing many listeners of the podcast would love to own. Past guest of the show, Glen Keane has donated his talents to the ESPN V Foundation by creating a one of a kind skateboard deck featuring a treesurfing Tarzan. It’s up for auction for eight more days. As of now, [...]

Chris Sanders’ official site

I was at the San Diego Comic Convention this weekend and discovered that Chris Sanders has created an official website which went live this past Wednesday. He says it’s still in the growing stage, but there are already some great sketches, desktop wallpapers, and a peek at his vinyl figure he debuted at the Con. [...]

I’m published in Walt’s People Volume 5!

I just mentioned this in the latest show and I want to make sure no one misses it: Didier Ghez has just released his latest volume in his fantastic series Walt’s People. I’m especially excited about this one because he has included my interview with Ron Clements and John Musker. I’m published! How cool is [...]

Brad Bird on the Splinecast!

Go there now! Thanks to the Drs. Tweet

Crazy Gumby Gold Linkage (a.k.a. lots of links)

If you don’t know what “Crazy Gumby Gold” is, it means a whole lot of goodness. In this case, it’s links that I’ve been stockpiling over the last few months. In the absence of a new podcast, at least for a few weeks, I want to give you something for visiting here. I generally just [...]

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